NYC Cashflow

NYC Cashflow

Our Mission: To provide a lifestyle, and interactive environment with resources and tools, for aspiring entrepreneurs to become financially free.

About us

NYC Cashflow is the world’s largest and fastest growing community of Financial Freedom Activists. Founded in January 2003 by a group of five "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" enthusiasts who met to play Cashflow 101 board game in New York City we’ve grown to more than 4,000 members, with hundreds joining every week.

We are not only working toward a common goal of Financial Freedom but also using similar formulas and definitions to reach that seemingly elusive goal. Financial Freedom may mean different things to different people but here the understanding has been established as follows: YOU are Financially Free when your Passive Income is greater than your Total Expenses.

No longer simply a group of financial freedom enthusiasts, NYC Cashflow has grown into a potent organization providing knowledge and resources to get you out of the RAT RACE and onto the FAST TRACK. We are becoming a powerful force in the world of financial freedom:

1. A network of investors, business owners and professionals around the world with a common
goal of Financial Freedom.
2. A structured organization connected through use technology and led by a devoted group of leaders.
3. A school of financial freedom of the future with educational programs, discussion groups, and
tools to exchange information for success.
4. A group built on principles of giving, open communication and absolute integrity.

What We Do

Our members meet frequently at our many events, which are scheduled every week. The subject of these events vary depending on which special interest group moderator is hosting the event. We also interact daily via our online discussion forums, and we have online forums for every one of our special interest groups. Through these events and online forums, we not only share and exchange information pertaining to Financial Freedom topics such as Real Estate, Business, Paper Assets (Stocks, etc.), Network Marketing, but we also make many new connections and establish important relationships.

It is the relationships made through this community, that enable members to partner and begin making money immediately: Meeting other individuals that share our goals and passion for financial freedom is vital for winning the game, for getting out of the RAT RACE and onto the FAST TRACK... for becoming Financially Free! More groups are added regularly, depending on the demand in the marketplace and the availability of new leaders to manage/ moderate these new groups.

These new relationships enable us to partner and start new businesses, partner and buy real estate together and partner to network our services to one another. This model has proven to work extremely well, and the evidence can be found in our Real Deal section of our website where members tell their stories.

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