Diamond Exchange Ltd. shareholders and directors have collectively been involved in the industry for over 40 years. Previous background include all aspects of the diamond trade from mining and retail sales through to professional consultancy.
Our International list of affiliations ensures that we are ethically bound to deliver a high quality of service. Our reputation within the industry dates back several generations, which allows us to offer distinct marketing advantages associated with an international diamond infrastructure.
Diamond Exchange Ltd. is a member of the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA) and is bound by their stringent prescribed standards and code of ethics.
International Affiliations include:

Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA)
Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA)
Geological Society of Australia
New York Diamond Dealers Club (World Federation of Diamond Bourses)
Canada Jewellers Association
Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct
Jewellers Vigilance (Canada & USA)
Better Business Bureau (USA)

Each office is staffed with highly trained professionals with expertise above the industry standard.
Each national head office is equipped with a state of the art grading laboratory which provides a high level of quality assurance related to diamond and Jewellery analysis, both before and after valuation. Diamonds are sourced direct from the major diamond cutting factories in Israel, Belgium, South Africa, USA and Canada. Primary suppliers are ‘De Beers DTC and Canadian Sight holders’.
Diamond Exchange Ltd has fully staffed buying offices in New York (USA), Antwerp (Belgium) and Tel Aviv (Israel).
The Diamond Exchanges Ltd.'s. strategic position as a down line vendor to ‘De Beers DTC Supplier of Choice and Canadian Sight holders’ allows it to market high quality diamonds direct to the public at prices usually well below normal jewellery retail prices. Quality and savings are achieved through our buying methodologies, advanced IT systems, knowledgebase and delivery mechanisms.
Qualifications of Directors, Staff and Shareholders:

Consultant Geologist, (Bachelor of Science (B Sc. Hons) and member of Geological Society of Australia (G.S.A); 35 years experience in geology and mineralogy in Australia and overseas.
Product Expertise; 30 years experience in diamond cutting and sorting in Africa and diamond mining in Africa; Diamond Trading (rough and cut diamonds) in Australia, Belgium, Israel, USA and Africa.
15 years administration and sales experience in franchising in South Africa and Australia.
30 years experience in Marketing in Canada and Australia and 5 years experience in alluvial mining in Africa.
Graduate Gemologist's (FGG Hons DT. GAA & GIA)


Private Company