Field Force Tracker Unveils Major Upgrade to Auto Charging Capabilities for Recurring Invoices for Service Companies

Revolutionizing Financial Management for Field Service and Security Monitoring Businesses with Automated Billing Solutions - July 01, 2024

Field Force Tracker Unveils Enhanced Copier Management Functions for Copier Dealers

New enhancements make it easier to manage copier rental contracts, recurring billing and servicing operations. - December 04, 2023

Field Force Tracker Launches Newly Designed Mobile Apps for Both iPhone and Android

The new mobile apps make it easier to manage field jobs. The apps are available for free download from Apple or Android market place. - March 11, 2023

Field Force Tracker Releases Redesigned Photocopier Contract Management and Billing Software

Field Force Tracker, an award winning field service software, releases redesigned contract and billing software with new features for photocopier sales and service companies. - January 18, 2022

Field Force Tracker Releases a Generator Contract Management Module for Electrical Service Companies

Field Force Tracker, an Award Winning Field Service Software, releases a new generator contract module that creates automatic preventive maintenance schedule and alerts based on the usage. Built on Cloud, one of the most feature rich customer service platforms, Field Service Tracker enables companies to deliver mobile, intelligent customer service from phone to field. - September 29, 2020

Field Force Tracker Releases a New Advanced Quote Management Module for HVAC Service Companies

Field Force Tracker, Named in Capterra’s Top 20 Most Affordable Field Service Software in 2019, releases a new advanced Quote Management module that allows HVAC companies to quickly generate new system quotes and follow them. This module offers custom options unique to HVAC Sales and Service industry. - October 23, 2019

Field Force Tracker Named in Capterra’s Top 20 Most Affordable Software for FSM Software

Field Force Tracker today announced that it had been named a Top 20 Most Affordable Field Service Management (FSM) Software product by Capterra, a free online service that helps organizations find the right software. Top 20 Most Affordable Field Service Management Software is an independent... - October 21, 2019

Field Force Tracker Releases Updated API for Its Field Service Software Platform

Field Force Tracker delivers advanced API for integration of its award winning field service software with other operational systems. It improves data collection, streamlines workflows and enhances efficiency for field service operations. - December 15, 2017

Field Force Tracker Becomes the Software of Choice for Photocopier Rental and Service Companies

Field Force Tracker with its powerful features custom designed for managing photocopier rental and service management contracts has become the software of choice for photocopier service companies. - June 08, 2017

Field Force Tracker Adds Advanced Inventory Management Features to Its Industry Leading Field Service Software

Updated software adds support for advanced inventory management making it one of the most powerful Field Service software to do so. - June 07, 2017

Field Force Tracker Enables Connected Devices Redefining Field Service for the Connected Era

Updated software adds support for connected devices making it one of the first Field Service software to do so. - June 09, 2016

Field Force Tracker Rolls Out a New Contract Management Module for Photocopier Service Companies

New capabilities enhances abilities to keep track of rental copier counters, service contract details, recurring payments and preventive maintenance schedule - May 14, 2016

Rapidsoft Systems Updates Work Force Tracker, a Mobile Enabled Software for Managing, Monitoring and Tracking Field Employees

Work Force Tracker now provides more advance features that make it even easier to manage field employees, track their job assignments and their time sheets etc. - September 20, 2014

Rapidsoft Systems Releases "Field Force Tracker" App for Field Technicians for Field Service Management, Job Tracking and Reporting

Field Force Tracker app makes it even easier to manage field jobs, process work orders, submit time sheets and generate invoices in the field. - May 10, 2014

Rapidsoft Systems Releases New Designs for Its Popular SIP VoIP and Calling Card Dialers for Mobile Phones

New mobile dialers are available with over 24 different skins and themes to VoIP operators, OEMS and their subscribers. - May 09, 2014

Rapidsoft Systems Releases "Learn Survival Hindi," a Comprehensive Hindi Learning App for Android Smart Phones

New Android App offers a set of comprehensive learning lessons for native and non-native learners to learn one of the world's most spoken languages. - April 26, 2014

Rapidsoft Systems Updates Rapid Designer, Its On-Line Sign and Banner Design Software, with New Advanced Design Features

Rapidsoft Systems, a developer of powerful and feature rich online sign and banner design solution to the sign design industry, announces the immediate availability of a new version of Rapid Sign Designer. The new software features many improvements and optimizations to enable quicker design of custom signs and banners. - April 09, 2014

Rapidsoft Systems Launches New Updates to Field Force Tracker, Its Popular Mobile Enabled Software for Field Service Dispatch Management

Field Force Tracker now provides more advance features that make it even easier to manage field service employees, their work orders and customer accounting. - April 06, 2014

Rapid Protect Enhances Popular "Rapid Tracker" Mobile Apps and Releases Full Features for Basic  J2ME Non-Smart Feature Phones for Family Tracking

Rapid Protect Enhances Popular "Rapid Tracker" Mobile Apps and Releases Full Features for Basic J2ME Non-Smart Feature Phones for Family Tracking

Rapid Protect announced enhancement of its award winning Rapid Tracker GPS tracking apps. It adds full support for basic J2ME Non-Smart feature phones to address popular demands by families to support low cost phones. This makes Rapid protect the Only Mobile App for family tracking that is available on all major mobile platforms including low cost non-smart phones. Rapid Tracker is now available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Brew and non-smart (Java) Feature Phones. - August 07, 2012

Rapid Protect Boosts Collaboration Features in Its Industry Leading Mobile Applications for Family Tracking, Safety and Security Monitoring

Rapid Protect announced availability of many new features to its industry leading Rapid Protect and Rapid Tracker mobile applications. Enhanced mobile apps are available in all countries and on all major mobile platforms such iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Brew and J2M (Symbian). - June 06, 2012

Rapid Protect, a Leading Developer of Mobile Safety, Security and Collaboration Software, Announces Major Update of Its Mobile Applications and Web Service Platform

Rapid Protect, a technology leader in mobile based safety, security and collaboration space announces a major update of its mobile applications and service delivery platform. Its comprehensive range of applications and systems are available to address the safety and security needs of individuals and businesses worldwide. Mobile apps are available immediately in all countries and on all major mobile platforms such iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Brew and J2ME. - April 13, 2012

Rapid Protect Adds Driver Safety Mobile Applications to Its Portfolio to Protect Drivers from Over Speeding or Texting While Driving

RapidProtect, a company focused on the development of mobile applications for family safety and security, has added two new apps: SpeedApp and SpeedControl to its portfolio. These applications are currently available on Blackberry with iPhone, Android and J2ME versions to be released shortly. - December 01, 2011

Announcing Rapid Protect - A Comprehensive Mobile Application Geared to Address the Safety and Security Needs of the Families Worldwide

Announcing Rapid Protect - A Comprehensive Mobile Application Geared to Address the Safety and Security Needs of the Families Worldwide

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc, a leading product and software development company, today announced the launch of RapidProtect, a comprehensive mobile application suite geared to address the safety and security needs of the families worldwide. The application is currently available on iPhone with Android, Blackberry, Brew and J2ME applications to be released shortly. - October 21, 2011

Announcing CampusXchange Network - a Students Powered Online Network to Exchange Books, Notes, Test Papers and More

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc., a leading product and software development company, today announced the launch of CampusXchange Network ( an online platform for students to exchange textbooks, class notes, test papers and many more items of daily use. The system is free to use for students and will enable them to save money on textbooks and other needed items. This platform allows students to obtain books from other users in their university and departments. - September 08, 2011

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. in Partnership with Global Systems Solutions (GSS) Ltd. Launches Mobile Money Transfer and Bill Payment Solutions for Banks

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. in partnership with Global Systems Solutions Ltd, Launches Mobile solutions for money transfer and bill payment for the financial companies such as banks and the post offices. Mobile Wallet will enable mobile subscribers to perform secure and convenient money transfer using their mobile phones. The Mobile Wallet solution for mobile money transfer comprises of the server, mobile applications, as well as system integration services. - August 02, 2011

Rapidsoft Systems Announces Cloud Player, a Blackberry Music Player, with a Totally Free Cloud Service for Streaming Unlimited Music

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc., a leading product and software development company delivered a cloud player this week, a unique cloud based media player. Cloud Player was developed for Cloud Player LLC. of New York. It is the only totally free cloud music service and lets you use your Blackberry as an MP3 player with unlimited storage. Set up your Cloud Player online at and your music will always be up to date and in your pocket. - July 30, 2011

Rapidsoft Systems Helps a Major Newspaper and Media Company in India to Cut Operational Costs Using Custom Developed Mobile Applications

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc., a leading product and software development company this week delivered a set of custom mobile applications to a major newspaper and media group companies in India. The applications will enable company to use its field officers in over two hundred cities to update local circulation, payment information and other operational data in real time. This is expected to streamline a challenging field operation and will result in significant savings and operational efficiency. - April 29, 2011

Rapidsoft Systems Significantly Expands Its Hardware Development Capabilities with a New Offshore Development Facility in Bangalore, India

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc., a leading product and software development company recently expanded its custom hardware development capabilities by setting up a new development facility in Bangalore, India. This makes Rapidsoft Systems one of a handful of outsourcing companies that can take care of entire cycle of product development from hardware design to arranging its manufacturing. - March 24, 2011

Brewing the Latest Brew-MP Mobile Applications: Rapidsoft Systems Announces Brewbench, a Porting Toolset for Rapid Porting of Mobile Applications to Brew Handsets

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc., a leading developer of smart phone mobile applications announces development of a smart porting toolset for rapid porting of mobile applications to Brew handsets. Using in house developed smart converter and application analysis toolset, Rapidsoft Systems Brew development team can cut down time and cost for those publishers that are developing applications for multiple platforms such as iPhone, Android, Brew -MP etc. - March 15, 2011

Rapidsoft Systems at the Verge of Simultaneous Launch of Multiple Mobile Social Networking Platforms and Applications for Brew, iPhone, Blackberry and Android Phones

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc., delivers a series of mobile social networking applications for its clients in the US, and Asia. These applications embody cutting edge social networking backend platforms with audio, video, picture and location based social networking abilities of modern mobile devices. The applications' features are custom designed to address the cultural sensitivities of Asian and American audiences. - January 20, 2011

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. Collaborates with a Major Telecom Operator in Developing VOIP Mobile Applications for iPhone, Blackberry and Android Platforms for Free Calling

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc., with offices in New Jersey and California, partners with a major Telecom Operator in developing VOIP mobile applications for free long distance calling in Canada. The applications are available on iPhone, Blackberry and Android platforms. Canadians can now make significant... - January 12, 2011

Rapidsoft Systems and Maxelar, Inc. Launch NavTime, One of the Most Innovative Travel and Navigation Applications, on the iPhone

Rapidsoft Systems and Maxelar, Inc. work together to develop and launch NavTime, the world's most innovative travel and GPS navigation application. NavTime provides complete real-time navigation information within a single application. NavTime is available on Apple iTunes starting today. It allows anyone to travel well informed and quickly find out distance, weather and other useful information in a simple and intuitive manner. - May 20, 2010

Rapidsoft Systems' Product Development Team Delivers Software for an Advanced Network Security Appliance to a Networking Technology Company

Rapidsoft Systems helps a promising networking start up in implementing software for a networking appliance aimed at the high end IP networking equipment market. The appliance software includes a new packet scheduler & forwarding engine, traffic monitoring & optimization, packet switching, and network security. The core technology was developed by R&D team of a leading University and is aimed to increase security and throughput of enterprise networks. - April 06, 2010

Rapidsoft Systems Joins Hands with a Major Phone Manufacturer in Bridging the Gap Between Mobile and Web Applications by Developing Mobile Web Widget Applications

Rapidsoft Systems helps a major phone manufacturer to bridge the gap between mobile applications and web applications by building interactive mobile widget based applications using latest Web Run Time (WRT) Technologies. These cutting edge mobile widget applications leverage GPS location, instant media streaming and utilize functionality of many popular Web APIs from Google, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., to create a unique experience in information sharing. - January 13, 2010

Rapidsoft Systems Helps a Major Multinational Mobile Application Producer in Modernizing Its Popular Applications for New Touch Screen Enabled SmartPhones

This is a multinational company involved in some of the most popular mobile applications in the US covering mapping, city information and movie entertainment applications. These applications are widely distributed by all major carriers in the USA such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Alltel, US Cellular etc. - October 01, 2009

Leading Japanese Company Hires Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. for Mobile Application Development and Porting

Dr. B. Kumar, CEO of Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. says: “This contract will allow us to leverage our expertise in mobile application development and mobile application porting area. This is a very important project for us as it allows us to demonstrate our strong and unique capabilities in all mobile platforms segments. There are not many outsourcing companies in the mobile application development area that can work over such a wide variety of handsets from J2ME to Brew.” - June 02, 2009

Rapidsoft Systems Announces a New facility for Testing Mobile Applications Software

Rapidsoft Systems announces establishment of a new exclusive test facility to test mobile applications software. This will enable Rapidsoft Systems to test its client’s applications locally on the US operators’ networks using the latest generation of handsets. - November 27, 2008

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