On the Road Again… Buses vs. Planes

In a recent survey, 1200 American SQM Inspectors were asked, "What is your preferred method of mass transit?" Of those surveyed, 55% indicated that they preferred to travel by plane, while over 36% of the respondents indicated that they liked to travel by bus. 8% mentioned trains, while... - June 05, 2016

Do Ontarians Understand the New Distracted Driving Legislation?

Brushing teeth, reading, watching movies... Drivers in Ontario have been known to "multi-task." With the new Distracted Driving legislation in Ontario, SQM completed a survey to find out if Ontarians were adhering to the new law. - March 19, 2010

SQM Releases Mystery Shopping Mini Series

January 25, 2010 was the launch date for SQM’s new promotional video, Thankfully Only for Business. These humorous videos show Mystery Shoppers evaluating everyday people doing everyday things. A contest will be held, once all of the videos have been released. - January 28, 2010

Thankfully Only for Business

Do Mystery Shoppers evaluate everyday people doing everyday things? This is the concept of SQM’s new promotional video. A contest will be held, once all of the videos have been released to determine the top 3 for a marketing campaign. - January 13, 2010

SQM and North Americans Count Sheep Rather Than Bugs

What do North Americans rank as the most important items in a hotel room? A recent survey conducted by Sensors Quality Management shows interesting results. - July 14, 2009

SQM's Rule #1 When Traveling: Always Look Your Best

A recent survey of 2,000 North Americans conducted by Sensors Quality Management, shows that aesthetics is the most important when traveling. - July 08, 2009

Evaluate It Targeting the United States

Evaluate It by SQM has expanded and is now affiliated with hotel accommodations in the United States. Affordable travel accommodations in the US can now make your vacation dreams a reality. - July 13, 2008

Evaluate It Helps You to Sleep Easier

Evaluate It’s travel program is now linked to hotel properties across Canada. Travelers will no longer have to pay full price for accommodations. - July 12, 2008

Canadian Gas Goers Unsure of Who to Blame

SQM's survey indicates that Canadians are indecisive about who is to blame for the increasing cost in gas. - July 05, 2008

Drinking and Driving Problem Perceived to be Substantially Reduced

SQM's survey indicates Drinking and Driving is apparently declining. - July 05, 2008

SQM Survey Shows Drinking and Driving Problem is Perceived to be Considerably Reduced

A SQM survey of Ontario’s Restaurants and Bars shows that their employees perceive fewer customers are Drinking and Driving than they were five years ago. Better customer service and greater education of the consequences of impaired driving are suggested to be contributing factors to this decrease in Drunk Driving. - July 04, 2008

SQM Introduces MyShop - Online Mystery Shopping Program for Small Businesses

Sensors Quality Management has created a new automated Mystery Shopping program for small businesses, called MyShop by SQM. The online program allows for Mystery Shops to be completed at a low cost, while helping small business owners to improve their productivity and customer service. - June 05, 2008

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