Interactive Gateway Module Wins New Product Showcase at ISC-West

Wi-fi and GSM versions of popular alarm panel takeover module selected to win the Security Industry Association's New Product Award for 2014. - April 05, 2014

SecureNet Joins Z-Wave Alliance

SecureNet announces its support of Z-wave as the leading enabling technology for wireless home control. - October 16, 2013

SecureNet Introduces Wi-Fi Interactive Gateway Module

Secure point-to-point alarm transportation and interactive services use existing internet connections instead of a traditional telephone line. - October 16, 2013

Next Generation Interactive Services Launch on SecureNet Platform

Hosted software platform provides home automation services and web-based service management for alarm providers and end users. - October 16, 2013

SecureNet and CMS Unveil Strategic Partnership to Deliver Advanced Solutions for Smarter Homes and Businesses

Broad service offering will include intrusion and fire protection, home automation, and next-generation interactive and lifestyle services. - October 16, 2013

SecureNet Introduces Cloud-Based Platform for Central Station Monitoring

Hosted software platform increases speed and accuracy of alarm monitoring providers, provides latest technology and guarantees non-obsolescence. - October 16, 2013

SecureNet Announces IP Interactive Gateway Module

Plug-and-play hardware integrates with existing alarm panels to connect security services and home automation without the need for a telephone line. - October 16, 2013

Securenet Systems Continues Worldwide Rollout with Amsterdam Datacenter Location

Securenet Systems, the largest international streaming provider, announces expansion with its fourth datacenter location in Amsterdam, Netherlands, making this its second datacenter in the EU. - July 03, 2013

Securenet Systems Announces Integration of Livio Connect Into Its Mobile Apps

Securenet Systems announces the integration of Livio Connect into its mobile streaming app platform, enabling the inclusion of apps into factory car audio, existing hardware systems, and devices. - May 18, 2013

Securenet Systems Announces Innovative Mobile Listener App for iOS

Securenet Systems announces the release of their newest iOS streaming app for terrestrial and internet radio stations. Unlike any mobile streaming app out there, this version allows station managers to control most of the app features in real-time. - May 01, 2013

Securenet Systems Announces World Expansion with New Datacenter Location

Securenet Systems announces global expansion by adding a datacenter in Roubaix, France, giving them the ability to provide faster and better services to the European, Mid-East and North African markets via the EU's largest backbone. - March 20, 2013

Securenet Systems Announces Overwhelming Customer Adoption of Cirrus™ Streaming Player

Securenet Systems, Inc., the world's 2nd-largest and fastest-growing streaming provider for radio, announced that their new Cirrus™ player adoption rates and customer satisfaction levels have surged beyond the most optimistic of projections. Securenet Systems is a lean, forward-thinking... - February 15, 2013

Securenet Systems Announces the Next Generation Desktop Streaming Player for Radio

Securenet Systems announced the release of the new Version 5 Cirrus Player for radio stations and internet broadcasters. With a brand new sleeker look, the player incorporates a wealth of new features and enhancements that are designed to better interact with the listener, and to maximize online ad revenue streams. - January 17, 2013

Securenet Systems Reports Record Growth for August 2011

Securenet Systems reports a record growth for August, equaling 3 consecutive record months of growth in their streaming radio business. - September 25, 2011

Securenet Systems Deploys Server Node at Datacenter in Freemont, California

Securenet Systems announces a new datacenter in Freemont, California in Silicon Valley in response to demand from the growth of radio streaming. - March 25, 2011

Securenet Systems and Allworks Media Announces Launch of

Securenet Systems and Allworks Media recently launched, a music and social gaming platform offering free streaming music, new artist promotion, and a place to discover new artists. - February 09, 2011

Securenet Systems Deploys New Song Wizard Playlist Widget

Securenet Systems announces a new song playlist widget that radio stations can embed on their website. It shows what is playing now, artist, album, track info, and the last songs played. There are buttons that link to artist videos, lyrics, concert ticket sales, bio page, and ringtones, plus a link to purchase the song on iTunes. - January 12, 2011

Securenet Systems Offering Mobile Apps for Any Application

Securenet Systems is offering several new mobile app developments for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Android that allow stations to stream live music to cell phone users. - November 03, 2010

Securenet Systems Uses Social Media to Expand Listener Sharing

Securenet Systems recently launched several new features to the radio streaming platform equipped with social media tools. - September 26, 2010

Securenet Systems Announce Free iPhone App for New Streaming Clients

Securenet Systems is offering a free iPhone app for all new radio streaming customers for a limited time only. - April 03, 2010

Securenet Systems Announces New Streaming Services Website

Securenet Systems recently launched a brand new design for the radio streaming services website that allows for better functionality. - February 21, 2010

Securenet Systems Announces New Player Capabilities for Streaming Customers

Securenet Systems has just released some new radio player features for streaming customers, including the ability to stream live or pre-recorded video. - December 03, 2009

Announcing New Custom Skin Upload Feature for Radio Streaming Customers

Securenet Systems, a radio streaming company, is announcing a new user-created skin upload feature for radio streaming customers. - October 07, 2009

The Internet Business Hour Announces New Flagship Station, WWNN 1470 AM Radio in South Florida

The Internet Business Hour, a radio show about how business owners can maximize profits by doing business on the internet, is announcing their new flagship station WWNN 1470 AM in South Florida. - September 17, 2009

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