MEMXPRO Ruler SSD E1.S PT33 Set for High-Density Storage Server Applications

Accelerate your enterprise-class high performance storage solutions and rack-mounted server requirements. - July 07, 2022

MEMXPRO Launches New Super Fast DDR5-4800 Memory Modules

Powering all your innovations in industrial, vehicle, medical, 5G edge, and smart AIoT next-gen upgrades. - April 23, 2022

MEMXPRO Introduces Power Plus TLC SSD Series

New Power Management SSD designs for AIoT & 5G Deployment. - January 30, 2021

MemxPro Releases 32GB Native Industrial DDR4-3200 DRAM

Unleash the Potential of 5G: original chip and industrial wide-temperature DRAM, from a recognized 5G tech company. - April 25, 2020

MEMXPRO Introduces Extra Long Life TLC SSDs for Edge AI & 5G

Micron 10K endurance TLC, sustains high write speeds, and industrial temperatures. - February 19, 2020

MemxPro Showcases New Industrial TLC SSDs for Smart Surveillance and Retail Markets at Computex 2019

Migrate from HDD to SSD for Ruggedness, Durability and Advanced Security Features. - May 23, 2019

New MEMXPRO Industrial SSDs with Micron Durable 3D TLC

10K P/E cycles and a 4-year warranty fulfills the rigorous requirements of embedded and industrial market applications. - February 24, 2019

MEMXPRO Launches New PCIe PT33 SSD Series to Upgrade Industrial Control Systems

Original Industrial 3D TLC NAND, 10K Endurance, with Longevity Support - January 12, 2019

MEMXPRO Launches mSMART Storage Device Monitoring for AIoT

mSMART reveals original host controller details and lifespan information. - December 06, 2018

MemxPro Announces New PCIe/NVMe SSDs, High-Speed DRAM Modules and Cloud-Based Storage Device Management Service

Optimizing IoT Edge Storage Solutions with Hardware–Software Advancement - June 01, 2018

MemxPro Launches New Industrial SSDs for Demanding Applications

High Capacity Storage SSDs with MLC Original Extended Temperature Flash Arrays - January 19, 2018

MemxPro Showcases Latest DRAM and Flash Storage Solutions for Enterprise and Industrial Markets

Spotlight at Computex Taipei 2017: NVMe SSD, 8TB SSD and 3D NAND SSD - May 27, 2017

MemxPro Announces a New DRAM Module and Multi-Terabyte SSD Series at Embedded World 2017

MemxPro, a DRAM module and SSD solution provider for defense, industrial, in-vehicle, and enterprise markets, announces two major product launches at Embedded World 2017. One is a whole new series of DRAM modules, another is the 1TB~4TB 2.5” SSD 2.5” SSD GT series. MemxPro’s booth... - March 09, 2017

MemxPro Launches U.2 and M.2 PCIe Gen 3x4 SSDs with 3D MLC Flash

Moderate capacities of U.2 SSD now available for specific server applications from the world's 3rd manufacturer of U.2 SSD - February 17, 2017

MemxPro Launches SMARTPro 2.0 Storage Device Monitoring Tool Supporting Big Data Analysis for Industry 4.0

SMARTPro enhances disk activity monitoring and back-end server management - August 26, 2016

MemxPro Announces New High-IOPS, Miniaturized SATA Module Series

MemxPro, the industrial SSD total solution provider, announces a new miniaturized SATA Module - the M3C and G3D series. With easy plug & play installation for fast access, and small footprint, both series are capable of being vertically or horizontally installed in: mobile platforms, in-vehicle... - June 04, 2016

MemxPro Showcases SSD Total Solution for Military, Industrial and In-Vehicle Applications at Computex

MemxPro will be exhibiting a series of industrial SATA 3 SSDs and flash modules for industrial and embedded, military and aerospace, in-vehicle and transportation, and enterprise applications at Computex Taipei 2016. MemxPro provides a set of application choices integrating hardware, software and... - June 01, 2016

MemxPro Launches M.2 SATA Module Series

Multiple form factor, low profile memory module for embedded and mobile applications - February 26, 2016

MemxPro Introduces SATA III Embedded Flash Module Series with SMARTPro Monitoring Tool and Tailored Solutions

Robust, reliable and feature-rich SSDs with superior performance for demanding storage applications. - February 06, 2016

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