MPE Inc. Announces Release of Latest Eco-Friendly Protective Gear

Hammond, IN, September 10, 2008 --( For any kind of commercial or industrial contracting, business buyers around the world can get quality Tyvek® clothing at costs that won’t break the bank from MPE, Inc., a leading provider of protective clothing and disposable coveralls for all of those jobs where workers need protection from harmful elements or chemicals.

There are lots of “dirty jobs” out there, from auto shops to construction to public works facilities, from chemical plants to production lines and in the thousands of plants where chemicals are used for manufacturing all kinds of goods, workers can rely on MPE products to stay safe and clean as part of comprehensive industrial safety and health.

The Gear

MPE’s Tyvek® coveralls, jumpsuits and lab coats and disposable apron models are all made from recycled materials, so you can feel good about creating a smaller impact on the environment when purchasing for your company or shop.

These days, business purchasers are looking to combine best cost implementation with buys that limit corporate carbon footprints, and with MPE, uniforms can be one sector where buyers win out in more ways than one. It’s the attention to design, coupled with the innovative recycling process, that leads more and more clients toward MPE for health and safety wear for their shops, whether large or small, for handling chemicals or just protecting workers from the dirt and dust that accompany so many matter of fact workplace tasks.

Tyvek® Materials for Industrial Use

A leading protective apparel material with a solid layer of polyethylene, Tyvek® is used for all kinds of protective clothes, providing a great barrier against debris, particles, or chemical compounds. It’s tough enough not to rip or tear easily, but also breathable for worker comfort.

MPE brings this well-engineered material to businesses while promoting ecology and good stewardship of resources without lowering product quality standards.

The Cost

Check out the MPE web page to see how the company undercuts competitor’s pricing to the tune of nearly two dollars per uniform. MPE’s low price and money back guarantees mean you can be confident you have found the deal you’re not going to beat; find pricing details online to do the math on how a MPE buy will benefit a corporate client.


MPE uses a rigorous quality assurance process to make sure that buying recycled does not mean your product is less effective than a brand-new product. View sample photos at to see how these suits are recycled to “like-new” conditions, clean and durable for every industrial use.

MPE outfits business clients in every industry, every day and will set up new clients with easy, effective solutions for getting Tyvek® suits to their shops and facilities.

MPE, Inc.
Mike Miller