Declares Money Appreciation Week: October 25 – November 1, 2008

Thinking about, talking about, and fearing a bad economy actively promotes more bad economy. No athlete who wants to win focuses on losing; their focus is lazered on the win.

Windham, ME, October 17, 2008 --( Heard any good economic news lately? Money and the economy are black holes of bad news, getting worse. Gas prices, food prices, the housing market, and whipsaw stock markets are all shading the economy in neon gloom.

Meanwhile, thousands and thousands of people all over the planet are learning the Law of Attraction. Movies and books such as The Secret, The Matrix, and The Moses Code teach that thoughts and emotions actively create reality.

Quantum physics scientifically documents what ancient spiritual traditions have whispered from time immemorial; observation changes reality. The truth is humans are powerful creators. The creation may be unconscious or conscious but never do humans stop creating.

Through thoughts, feelings, and emotions humans create peace, joy, love, and prosperity or the opposites. No outside forces are the architects of either abundance or scarcity (aka living in Scare City).

All the media hype, focus, and attention about “the R word,” all the anxieties Americans are feeling about money, and all the chatter about high gas prices, high food prices, and worry about bills are powerful creative forces for less money, less prosperity.

No matter how negative the money “reality,” of a personal economy, a national economy, or a global economy, humans have generated the energy that created it. A winning attitude counts as much in the game of money as in the game of golf.

Declare the week of October 25 – November 1, 2008 Money Appreciation Week. The dictionary offers several definitions for “appreciate.” Among them: “realize,” “enjoy,” “to raise in value,” “to go up in value." Appreciating money and feeling gratitude for prosperity and abundance literally changes the energy field out of which all physical manifestation arises. offers the following suggestions for money appreciation:

With gratitude and appreciation, celebrate money. Appreciate it in any way possible. Carry a dollar bill, touch it frequently and celebrate having it.

Thinking, “But, I need twenty dollars!” is an out-of-bounds signal, indicating being off the prosperity playing field. Use that recognition to get back into play and realign. Play money appreciation like a three year-old plays, with joy and enthusiasm.

With each purchase, appreciate the item and any change received. When buying gas, appreciate the fact of being able to do so—and the money required to buy a car that needs gas.

Appreciate the lower gas prices that are lowering every day.

Money Appreciation Week is the perfect week for job appreciation, no matter how boring, how mundane, or how unlikeable co-workers are. Celebrate any source of cash flow. Even a penny found on the sidewalk is a reason to celebrate.

Paying bills is another opportunity for celebration and appreciation for the services or goods received. Appreciate the money to pay the bill. The point is to shift the focus from feelings of scarcity to feelings of prosperity as frequently as possible.

Knowing the Law of Attraction creates great opportunity to be more deliberate, conscious, and focused on wealth-building efforts, no matter what the economy is doing. Shifting from worry about money to celebrating great monetary abundance and soaring cash flow changes the economy, starting with each individual's wallet.

“The R word” can be recession or rich. The choice is always open. What if October 25th was the beginning of Money Appreciaion Month?

To clear money channels choose to live in FUNancial Freedom™, turn off the television and sign up for a free subscription to Do it now. Don’t let someone else determine what’s in your wallet.

Rita H. Losee, ScD, RN is the creator of the World's First FUNancial FReedom FEMinar to be held in W. Bath, ME on October 25, & 26, 2008.

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