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Anger and Miracles in the City That Never Sleeps

Bestselling author and renowned anger expert, John Lee, will be presenting two workshops at Meta Center New York on January 23 and 24 - The Miracle List: Writing, Telling and Reliving God Moments and Expressing Anger Appropriately at Home and at Work.

New York, NY, January 17, 2009 --( The Miracle List: Writing, Telling and Reliving God Moments is a very different workshop for John Lee who usually presents on subjects such as anger, relationships and recovery.

Lee explains, "In our current economic climate people are looking towards spirituality and community for hope and a sense of peace. We need to know there is meaning in our lives. Focusing on the positive, in this case - miracles, can help all of us as individuals and as a society climb out of a deep well of despair."

We have all experienced powerful, miraculous events, large and small: a book we open at random that answers a pressing question; a teacher who steers us in a totally new direction; a person we meet who unexpectedly changes our whole lives at just the right moment. Making a list of these events can serve as a bridge between hope and despair and hurting and healing.

In this workshop participants will review their lives to create their own "miracle lists." That list will then be shared with others who also have their own miracles. Some will write, some will tell, some will just listen. Nothing will be mandatory in the highly safe and supportive atmosphere John Lee creates. The miracle list is a healing tool that can lift spirits. It can help us integrate a sense of meaning into our daily life and deepen our connection to the sacred.

The workshop includes experiential exercises, small group dynamics, writing and storytelling processes, some lecture and discussion, and Q&A. Lee asks participants to bring a laptop or journal, photos (if you have them), an open heart and a non-judgmental spirit.

The workshop will be held at the The Meta Center in NYC on January 23rd from 7-10pm. Cost is: Members: $35 / Nonmembers: $40. To register, please visit - or Call 212.219.2527 ext. 2.

The following day John Lee will present his highly acclaimed anger workshop, Expressing Anger Appropriately At Home and at Work. Lee has written two books on anger, Facing the Fire: Experiencing and Expressing Anger Appropriately and The Missing Peace: Solving the Anger Problem for Alcoholics, Addicts and Those Who Love them. His latest book on anger, The Anger Solution, will be released in the fall by Da Capo Press.

Most of us fear our own anger or the anger of others, as we have never seen anger expressed appropriately. Both at home and in the workplace, we tend to see anger cause discomfort and pain. John Lee will help us see anger for what it really is: a feeling, neither negative nor positive, that all humans have and can express safely, once they know how, and that does not have to cause pain.

In this workshop you'll discover: how to distinguish between anger and rage; nine things people do when they think they are expressing anger; four styles of inappropriate anger; and, most importantly, how to express anger appropriately to increase our energy and bring more intimacy into all our relationships.

This workshop is held at the Meta Center New York on Saturday, January 24, 10am-5:30pm. 08FP03S Approved for CEUs. Cost is Members: $120 / Nonmembers: $130. To register, please visit or call 212.219.2527 ext. 2.

About John Lee:

John Lee, best-selling author of The Flying Boy: Healing the Wounded Man, has written 17 books, including Facing the Fire: Experiencing and Expressing Anger Appropriately and The Missing Peace: Solving the Anger Problem for Alcoholics/Addicts and Those Who Love Them.

His latest books—The Anger Solution (DaCapo Press) and When The Buddha Met Bubba (his first novel-Turner Publishing)—will be released in the fall 2009.

John's highly innovative work in the fields of anger management and emotional regression has made him an in demand consultant, teacher, trainer, coach and speaker. His contributions in the fields of recovery, relationships, men's issues, spirituality, parenting and creativity have put him in the national spotlight for over twenty years.

He has been featured on Oprah, Oprah & Friends with Dr. Oz, 20/20, Barbara Walter’s The View, CNN, PBS, and NPR. He has been interviewed by Newsweek, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and dozens of other national magazines and radio talk shows.

John Lee has consulted and trained prestigious institutions in the clinical environment including The Betty Ford Clinic, Guy’s Hospital (London, England), The New York Open Center, South Pacific Private Hospital (Sydney, Australia), and Mountain Area Health and Education Center (North Carolina), and numerous others.

John Lee Books and Seminars
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