Eco Motors of Palm Springs Moves Closer to the First Eco Dealership in the United States

Rancho Mirage, CA, February 16, 2009 --( This morning in Rancho Mirage, California, Auto Knight President and CEO, Jeff Rizzo announced a tentative agregreement that would procure a floor plan assistance program for the new EMC-3 Commuter Vehicle. The EMC-3 is the first vehicle manufactured in China to be imported into the United States. The vehicle was designed and engineered, to get over sixty miles per gallon. The vehicle is a product of American Design and Engineering.

“Today Eco Motors of Palm Spring has come one step closer to reality. Having a tentative floor plan assistance program continues our business plan with the Eco Motor Company to open a dealership in the Palm Springs area. We have acquired a location in Henderson, Nevada. The Company currently is in negotiations on a property in Palm Springs area. It is our intention to open our Palm Springs and Henderson facilities simultaneously.”

“Our Eco Motor Division President will Doc Lane”. Doc’s marketing plan to the consumer of this vehicle is visionary. He has taken all of the what not to do’s, during his forty year career retailing cars. He has created a business model for volume, gross, and net, while creating a pleasurable buying experience for the customer. Additionally he will continue his duties as the National Sales Manager for Auto Knight Inc.

All EMC-3 vehicles will have two of current products included with the purchase. Auto Knight Roadside Assistance and Auto Knight Tire and Wheel Protection Packages are long-term products that will give all EMC-3 customers the peace of mind that their safety is the primary focus of their services.

The association with Stealth, a system similar to OnStar, but with more features and benefits will also be the part of the EMC-3 purchase. The company is pleased to have this product to market independently through the General Services Agents throughout the country.

Additionally the relationship with Dimension Service Corporation to provide unique warranty and service contract protection polices will be second to none, assuring the customer that all major repair expenses would be eliminated

Also the Auto Knight General Service Agents will have an opportunity to show and sell the EMC-3 in parts of the country that the vehicle will not be available in.

There will be updated information as it becomes closer to the product launch.

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