Non-Profits Raising Donations in Tough Economic Times

In these tough economic times non-profit organizations are battling to raise much needed donations, but the organization ...For A Cause, a registered 501(c)(3) organization itself, is trying to make things a little easier, and at no cost to other organizations.

Chicago, IL, March 27, 2009 --( Since 2001 …For A Cause, and its forerunner, Ride For A Cause, has been organizing cycling and walking events to raise money for charities that focus on AIDS and breast cancer issues. But that is not their only focus; they also encourage their participants to choose an additional beneficiary. This can be any non-profit organization that is meaningful to the participant. Some past participant beneficiaries have included the National Kidney Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and the National Autism Foundation, just to name a few.

…For A Cause has three programs from which non-profit organizations can benefit, and all three can provide much needed donations through an innovative revenue stream. “An organization of any size can take advantage of these programs but, typically, smaller organizations with a more forward-thinking fundraising mentality may ultimately reap greater benefits from these programs,” said founder Rob Webber. “What we mean by this is if an organization can look at these opportunities as an additional source of donations that may not have been raised, it would be a win-win situation for all the organizations involved.”

The only thing required by participating beneficiaries is to announce the event to their supporters and constituents. They can do this through email announcements, placing the event on their websites, putting up posters, using direct mail, or advertising in local outlets. The more an organization puts into announcing the event, the greater the potential return. Our participants raise an average of $2,500.00 each.

The programs:

Single participants – If an organization can secure one to four participants, it will receive one-third of the donations raised by participants designating the organization as their additional beneficiary. The remaining donations will be split equally between …For A Cause and either the AIDS or breast cancer organization.

Five or more participants – If an organization secures five to 10 participants, it will receive two-thirds of the donations raised; the remaining one third will remain with …For A Cause.

Ten or more participants – If an organization secures 10 or more participants, the organization can arrange a private event, and 90% of the donations collected will go to the organization. The remaining 10% will remain with …For A Cause. This last program requires a greater amount of commitment from the organization, and it is usually suggested that organizations start with the first two before taking on the third commitment.

If no participants sign up in the first two programs, the organization’s only expense would be the announcement of the event, and in this day of electronic advertising this cost would be minimal or even nothing. The third program, as stated above, would require an organization’s actual commitment and it would be responsible for guaranteeing the registration fee for a minimum of 10 participants.

…For A Cause organizes the entire event, collects and tracks donations for each participant, and sends out letters of acknowledgment to the donors.

The next event for …For A Cause is the Ireland Walk or Ride from August 9-15, 2009. Participants will gather just above Galway, Ireland, and spend seven days walking or riding through the Irish countryside. Accommodation will be in a 16th century castle, which will leave participants with the memories of a lifetime, all the while raising much needed donations for organizations close to the participants.

For more information on the Ireland event and how these programs can benefit your organization visit the website or contact Rob Webber directly at

For A Cause
Robert Webber