New, Innovative Bicycle Noisemaker Makes the Ride Even More Fun

New, Innovative Bicycle Noisemaker Makes the Ride Even More Fun
Greensboro, NC, July 24, 2006 --( Remember that Mickey Mantle baseball card that you attached to your bicycle and the wonderful snapping sound it made as it hit the spokes? Wish you hadn’t ruined that Mantle or Willie Mays or Sandy Koufax card? Wish you still had those valuable cards today?

Now, thanks to the SpokesterTM – the new, innovative bicycle noisemaker – you and your kids can have that same enjoyment without sacrificing those future collectibles.

The Spokester is a molded piece of flexible plastic that fits children’s bikes, mountain bikes and BMX bikes. This clever device snaps easily on to the bicycle fork by hand – no tools are required. As you pedal the bike, the Spokester’s flat paddle section contacts the wheel spokes and makes that fun snapping sound. The faster you go, the more snapping you hear. And the more Spokesters you put on your bike, the greater the roar when your wheels hit the road.

The Spokester is durable and is designed to provide hundreds of miles of biking fun. The product comes in five exciting colors: neon orange, black, bright red, neon green, and blue. Each individual Spokester comes in its own attractive package.

The Spokester, which was recently introduced at the American International Toy Fair in New York and has a patent pending, is manufactured by Playtrix, LLC, a Greensboro, N.C., based company.

The Spokester can be purchased at For more information or to order the Spokester, please call (336) 209-3349, or write Playtrix, LLC, 805 Kemp Road West, Greensboro, N.C., 27410. You can also email us at

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