The Outdoor Craftsman Creates Segments for Public TV on Hunting

Interstitial Stories to include all kinds of Hunting for Public Television and Educational Segments.

Boca Raton, FL, June 27, 2009 --( Hunting is the pursuit of animals for food or sport and is a popular topic for the Public Television series. “The Outdoor Craftsman will be highlighting companies that provide hunting skills, firearms, tactics, accessories, and the like in order to create a well-rounded set of individual, stand alone programs”, said the executive producer. “Hunting has been part of society since the dawn of time. Including such a culturally relevant topic is not only necessary for this series, but will compliment many of the issues that current companies, organizations and associations deal with as those promoting shooting sports,” said the senior producer.

The series will highlight hunting techniques among many different industries: firearms, bow hunting, knife hunting, fishing, accessories of all kinds, and the like. The ability to capture the excitement of this sport is part of what makes The Outdoor Craftsman an exciting and fresh approach to documentary television.

These hunting programs will be scheduled into the lineup for the series within the producer’s timeline. The senior producer of the series will be looking for unique stories, a shoot location for filming and a desire to bring forth education by expert organizations and companies considered for airing on the series.

About The Outdoor Craftsman:
The Outdoor Craftsman is a series owned by a private studio and production company that creates educational programming for Public Television. The series is distributed to Public TV through a national distributor and highlights the best and most compelling educational stories in the outdoor industry in documentary style. For more information, visit or call 954-652-8674.

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Mark Miller