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Rosadyn Nutraceutical for Rosacea Launched

Dr. Geoffrey Nase, Ph.D, announces availability of Rosadyn, his eagerly awaited oral nutraceutical which targets facial flushing, redness and inflammation.

Rosadyn Nutraceutical for Rosacea Launched
New York, NY, July 11, 2009 --( Vascular Health Specialists (VHS), a professional firm founded by rosacea specialists Dr. Geoffrey Nase, PhD, announced the launch of Rosadyn, their signature oral nutraceutical for rosacea symptom support.

With more than 14 million rosacea sufferers in the US alone, and 20,000 new cases diagnosed each month, rosacea is the third most common inflammatory skin disorder. Worldwide, it is estimated that more than 45 million people are affected by the disorder, although many do not even realize it. Recent Gallup surveys show that 78 percent of Americans have no knowledge of the condition, or how to help diminish it’s effects.

In response to this need, Rosadyn was created in an effort to help bring relief to rosacea sufferers in the US and the world, by targeting facial flushing, redness and inflammation. While many topical and prescription-based medications exist, there has not been an effective oral nutraceutical for the treatment of rosacea.

Dr. Nase, a rosacea specialist with a Ph.D in Vascular Physiology, a founder of Vascular Health Specialists, and creator of Rosadyn, explains that Rosadyn was designed to target the core root causes of the disorder, “While effective at reducing the symptoms, topical treatments only address the superficial elements of the disorder. Only through oral treatment are we able get beneath the skin to target the root causes of this disorder.”

Rosadyn is novel in that it targets three primary areas impacted by rosacea – blood vessels, skin cells and hypothalamic activity. Dr. Patrick Bitter, Sr., a San Francisco based dermatologist with a specialty in rosacea with more than 30 years of dermatological experience and a Partner at VHS, concurs, “We’re optimistic about the help Rosadyn may provide to rosacea sufferers, as it targets the main pathways that underly rosacea.”

Thousands of Dr. Nase supporters in the US and abroad have been eagerly awaiting the release of Rosadyn, as evidenced by the growing ranks of subscribers to a Rosadyn launch notification newsletter on his website. While retail distribution is under consideration, Rosadyn is currently only available online at the Rosadyn website.

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Vascular Health Specialists (VHS) is a firm dedicated developing cutting edge products for rosacea and other skin conditions. Comprised of a team of professionals with backgrounds in medicine, research, business and skin care product development, VHS works closely with leading laboratories and nutraceutical manufacturers to remain at the forefront of novel skin treatments.

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