Insights with Host Hugh Downs Features Martin Sheen

Martin Sheen appears as Part of the Interstitial Programming for Public Television.

Boca Raton, FL, August 12, 2009 --( Insights featured Martin Sheen speaking out about issues surrounding drugs and the justice system as part of a series of short-form segments for Public Television.

Drugs and alcohol are huge problems all over the United States – in every city with every class of people. However, there are groups all over the US setting standards to help people who have fallen victim to either drugs or alcohol. Martin Sheen stated, “Well these are people who are aware of the problem and have their professional skills and the power to really help people in a professional way that people on the outside are hardly aware of; rather than locking people up for their addictions, these people have learned that they can make a difference in people’s lives by giving them an opportunity to become themselves again, to be free of addiction.”

The executive producer stated, “Positive helpful stories are what the Insights series is all about. Looking at groups across the nation who can help people with addictions is an effective starting point for those friends, families and relatives who have someone close to them in such situations. What we need are more people trying to help others and solve problems.”

Insights is featuring a number of humanitarian stories that will be answers to common questions surrounding people in these addictive situations. Not only will it be a help to them, but especially for those affected around them whether at home or at work.

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