Media Player Which Cares for User’s Eyes Has Been Released

The first media player caring for the user's eyes is yet available in the market.

Portland, OR, September 25, 2009 --( EyeCare Technology Inc. the leading provider of massively parallel video processing solutions, today announced the release of EyeCare Player, a next generation software media player which is able to provide an image designed for the human eye.

With the full power of the CPU it is able to reproduce the effects of high-end TV's silicon chips, converting an average monitor into a top-notch one. As it uses the power of the CPU instead of GPU, it doesn't need a powerful and expensive graphic card to work perfectly, and any modern processor will be enough to use all the features included.

We are used to media players just play the video with a lot of tuning options, but the real news is a media player which cares for user's eyes. This is possible thanks to a patented algorithm which reads every frame and tunes it for the human eye, not only boosting the visual effect, also protecting user's eyes.

By reading every frame, EyeCare player tunes brightness and contrast only in the sections of the video in need to be tuned instead of doing it in the whole video. This action provides a natural effect preventing the user from eye strain caused by unnatural brightness or contrast.

Usually video compression like MPEG causes a wide range of undesired problems technically named as a "mosquito artifacts" as for example ringing around letters and unclear definition of some parts of the video. EyeCare Player also corrects these annoying artifacts with its engine.

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About EyeCare Technology:

EyeCare Technology is a company with a wide experience in the parallel video post-processing field and their staff members have worked into the most important silicon chip manufacturers. Applying this experience they have managed to emulate silicon chips with a computer processor.

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