ecoShuttle Partner Up with Green Drop Garage to Go Veggie

ecoShuttle gets a little greener converting their first bus to SVO

Portland, OR, November 25, 2009 --( Portland-based alternative transportation provider ecoShuttle is proud to announce a new, promising partnership with Green Drop Garage, a local auto repair shop specializing in alternative fuel conversions. EcoShuttle currently has a fleet running on 100% biodiesel, and their mission has been clear from the beginning: To pave a car-less road using only the most environmentally-friendly fuels available. Now with five vehicles in their fleet and social entrepreneur Farhad Ghafarzade of Green Drop Garage at their side, they now have the resources to increase their triple bottom line by making the switch to Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO).

Making the switch to SVO not only has environmental benefits by not producing any non-renewable particulates into the atmosphere, it will save ecoShuttle about $1 per gallon not converting any waste oils to biodiesel. “It makes sense when you're burning almost 60 gallons a day. It's a win-win for us and our customers.” owner and Fleet Director William Sampson said.

A couple months ago, fellow owner and Director of Operations Jesse Yun was approached by Ghafarzade, who recognized an opportunity for ecoShuttle to follow through with their mission. Ghafarzade has created a buzz about his new full service, ASE certified shop, with a recent October 1st launch party and a 350 after-party shortly thereafter. “Converting diesels to run on SVO is our specialty, and we've run hundreds of thousands of miles with no related problems on these conversions!” Ghafarzade said. “The switch to SVO will help ecoShuttle to run cleaner year-round.”

Located in the heart of SE Portland just off of Hawthorne and SE 9th Ave., Green Drop Garage gives the local Portland community an opportunity to take their car to an eco-friendly repair shop or even to convert it to run on alternative fuels.

Together, the community-minded local businesses hope to create a lasting green mark in the Pacific Northwest. Portlanders can expect to see co-hosted events as the pair creates an outlet for sustainability and community action.

Jesse Yun