Fame Game CTO Leads Development of Haitian Missing People Database

New York, NY, January 26, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Tim Schwartz, Chief Technology Officer of Fame Game, responded to the Haiti Earthquake by launching HaitianQuake.com and contributing to Google’s PeopleFinder initiative.

Fame Game LLC is proud to acknowledge the work and initiative of Tim Schwartz, Chief Technology Officer of Fame Game, and the talented crew of developers who created a missing persons database in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

Upon seeing both the devastation as well as the disorganized family reunification efforts all over the web, Tim Schwartz immediately got to work assembling a team. “I awoke Wednesday to see disaster in Haiti. I got an email from a friend with links to donate, I thought immediately that there could be a better way to apply my skill set,” Schwartz said.

Within three hours, HaitianQuake.com was built, hosted on the back of the Fame Game infrastructure. The first of its kind, HaitianQuake acted as a central repository for family and friends to submit, find, and search for information about missing persons in Port au Prince and elsewhere.

Over the next 24 hours the volunteer team created “scrapers” to help collect the various growing (and disorganized) missing persons claims from across the web. Tatiana Platt, Chief Executive Officer of Fame Game, praised Schwartz and his efforts. “He immediately realized the need for a centralized resource. In our web 2.0 environment with a multitude of social networking sites, missing people information was going to be widely scattered without a common application."

Multiple organizations helped to develop other needed technologies to help the Haitian people and their families. As they gained momentum, larger organizations followed suit including CNN, the New York Times, and even Google.

Upon realizing the scope of these major organizations’ efforts, as well as their ability to dedicate real human and technological resources, Schwartz opted to repurpose the HaitianQuake effort to serve as a funnel to Google’s PeopleFinder initiative – effectively handing over the code and database of over 16,000 records.

Fame Game would like to thank and acknowledge those who helped undertake this valuable effort. This includes, but is not limited to: Tim Schwartz, Austin Smith, Garland Davis, Josh Marcus, Jeremy Johnstone, Noah Schoenholtz, Ryan Leary, Ryan Brown, Wendell III and Todd Margolis.

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