MyMediaInfo Launches the First Ever Social Media Database for Public Relations. Blogs, Citizen Blogs, Twitter and Forums in One Workspace.

Waltham, MA, January 28, 2010 --( MyMediaInfo, a North American provider of media databases, research and professional services for public relations professionals, today announced the launch of Campaign Management Tools and the first ever Social Media database designed for public relations as part of the New Year release.

Stating recent studies showing that as many as 90% of journalists use social media in one form or another, the need to understand and target social media as a part of a broader public relations plan is more important than ever to MyMediaInfo’s customers.

“After analyzing the Social Media space and working with our clients, we felt the vast majority of social media needs to be treated separately from the traditional journalist,” stated Eric Hill, President of RedEgg Solutions. “Rather, than just adding blogs and other social media mediums into our database of print, online and broadcast journalists, we created a completely different workspace with unique data points relevant to these mediums. Navigating the social media landscape can be time consuming and confusing. How do you know if a recent post was relevant, or who are the key influencers? How do stack rank them in importance? To make this task easier, we have divided Social Media into three unique categories: Blogs, Forums and Twitter.”

There are tens of thousands of blogs that can be considered influencers in the Social Media world. However, the vast majority of these bloggers are Citizen Bloggers. MyMediaInfo’s clients will be able understand the relevancy of a blog via the MMI Score. This score weighs the number of visitors a blog receives, the number of followers and other proprietary information created by MyMediaInfo. Using this score and other key searching criteria, MyMediaInfo clients will easily be able to distinguish between major Blogs like a HuffingtonPost ( or TechCrunch ( vs. Citizen Bloggers. “This distinction is vital on how a publicist should communicate with a blogger. For example, a blogger who keeps a tech blog as a hobby does not want his/her personal email address listed in a database but would rather communicate via the blog,” adds Mr. Hill.

Forums or also known as Message Boards are available with key Alexa rankings which show the number of daily visitors to a website. “Forums have always been a great mechanism to gauge the pulse of certain topics or introduce new ideas in a targeted community,” added Mr. Hill. The Forums also include relevant information like the number of posts, members and registration links.

The last component of the Social Media Tab is a direct integration with Twitter and the largest journalist database of Twitter handles available today (30,000+). The simple interface enables a MyMediaInfo client to search the Twitter Media Database by typing in a few key words. The ability to mass follow a list, it is just one click of a button. Additional information includes the number of Tweets, Followers, the last 5 Tweets, and the ability to respond or re-tweet a post. All of this Twitter information is seamlessly integrated with the Premium journalist and outlet profiles into one view. “The single point of integration save our clients time and helps them navigate this ever changing medium,” concluded Mr. Hill.

Beyond the announcement of the Social Media module, MyMediaInfo released a Campaign Management module and over 40 other upgrades. The need to track activities, schedule future tasks and report on the effectiveness of a Campaign was a direct request from the MyMediaInfo client base. “We heard our clients loud and clear that they loved our solution but wanted the ability to track activities and use our system as Customer Relations Management software (CRM) for media relations. So, we built a simple clean interface that enables our clients to do just that creating Media Relations Management (MRM) software,” said Mr. Hill.

About RedEgg Solutions and MyMediaInfo
Founded in 2006, RedEgg Solutions has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years thanks to its repeat customers. RedEgg’s customer base includes 9 of the top 10 PR agencies, 25 of the Fortune 100 companies, hundreds of small-medium agencies and companies and hundreds of solo practitioners. In addition to its subscription based software and database, RedEgg also offers a variety of services to support PR activities. The RedEgg team is comprised of PR industry veterans. The company is located in Waltham, MA, just outside of Boston with additional offices in California, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin and India. More information is available at

MyMediaInfo is the fastest growing media database company in North America, experiencing a 300% growth in 2009. The database is real time updated by the largest research team in the industry with over 25,000 updates per day. The service was launched in 2008 to serve small to mid size public relations agencies and companies with smaller communications staffs and budgets. Utilizing a 21st century business plan and technology, MyMediaInfo is able to offer a premier media database at an affordable price to its clients.

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