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IRS Notices - Titan Tax Relief Explains How It's Not Easy to Get Rid of Them

Find out how to deal with IRS notices and back taxes.

Los Angeles, CA, March 18, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Do you owe money to IRS? Are you facing issue of back taxes? If yes, you’re more likely to receive a notice from the IRS asking you for the money and there would also be consequences that will be mentioned in the notice. These consequences could be fines, penalties and interests towards how much you owe the IRS. Sometimes, you receive notice despite paying your taxes. This could be to the fact that you’re not paying the correct amount or you’ve made a mistake of not hiring a tax professional to do your taxes. Below, you will find out why you would receive a notice from the IRS and what you need to do about it. This information is provided by Titan Tax Relief, a full service tax debt relief firm that helps tax payers negotiate taxes they owe to the IRS.

A popular notice from the IRS is called “Notice of Deficiency.” If you receive this notice, it means according to IRS you owe more money to them. IRS examines and analyzes your filings and finds that the money has not been paid completely. Usually, you get about 90 days to reply to the IRS or the next notice they send might add up a bank levy on your wages and you will receive wage garnishment as a result. You can either pay the IRS or contact a tax attorney for help.

If you don’t contact the IRS in regards to the notice they have sent you, the money you owe might become permanent even if it was an error. Therefore, without any delays you should get in touch with IRS in order to discuss the case and remember IRS will not provide any kind of extension in the deadline of 90 days. Therefore, it is always recommendable to hire an experienced tax professional before filing a petition against any notice from IRS. Always keep your receipts and make sure your files are organized when meeting with a tax lawyer. Arrange all the required documents such as tax debt relief documents and invoices and receipts for your expenses.

Titan Tax Relief is a full service tax firm which includes tax attorney, IRS enrolled agents and certified public accountants. They have over 95% success rate and can negotiate tax debt so only a fraction of the debt owed is paid. They have helped people with income tax problems to companies like property management companies and real estate companies. Personal, business, small or large Titan Tax Relief provides the highest quality service to their clients.

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