Toronto English School Chelsea Language Academy to Open New Program Focused on Preparing ESL Students to Enter University in Canada

With more international students now hoping to attend university in Canada, especially in Ontario, Chelsea Language Academy in Toronto is adding a new module to its Academic English program that will specifically help international students to enter and thrive at university in Canada or The United States.

Toronto English School Chelsea Language Academy to Open New Program Focused on Preparing ESL Students to Enter University in Canada
Toronto, Canada, March 25, 2010 --( According to Robbie McMullan, principal at Chelsea, “the E-UP module, as we call it, is uniquely designed to go beyond just development of a student's academic English; it helps them to score highly on any of the tests needed to get into university, like TOEFL, MELAB or IELTS, of course, but it also prepares them how to study and succeed once they get in.”

“We even coach them,” he says, “on how to highlight their strengths in any supplementary application letters that may be required. And, as a Harvard alumnus and teacher of many ambitious ESL students over the last 20 years, I have a pretty good idea of what it takes to get into the top schools. Often, I also personally provide reference letters for students, which can provide a boost to their chances of getting into the elite universities.”

“Frankly,” McMullan continues, “several English schools in Canada have college or university transfer programs that offer pretty much guaranteed admission to a handful of schools, but those are not the elite universities that students are typically interested in. They want to get into top ranked schools like the University of Toronto or University of Waterloo, not the other ones that have a hard time attracting students. Chelsea's E-UP program is for students who wish go to universities that will really help their job prospects upon graduation. Also, the program is primarily designed to assist students who plan to enrol in business or technical majors, where most of the jobs are. Essentially, students will take an optional supplementary module, either on the weekends or during evenings, in addition to the Academic English program that Chelsea already offers and is well known for in Toronto. The program is expected to begin later this spring upon a minimum of 3 students first selecting the E-UP option.”

Other details of Chelsea's English for University Preparation (E-UP) program and a basic description of its curriculum are as follows.

Qualification period: General ESL studies for a minimum 12 weeks (240 class hours) until students achieve an intermediate English level. Students may proceed directly to the E-UP module if they submit evidence that their current English level is high intermediate or above (e.g., level test at Chelsea or a TOEFL score above 78 or equivalent). Core Academic English classes are held M-F from 1-5 pm, with supplementary E-UP modules offered evenings or Saturday mornings depending on students' schedules and class enrollment numbers.

Course components:

Academic English (production and comprehension)
TOEFL / IELTS / MELAB test strategy and familiarization
Academic Presentation Skills
English for quantitative methods (understanding mathematical and technical language)
Critical thinking and augumentation
Conventions of written and oral communication
Note taking
Study skills and motivation development

Interested students can contact the school directly or consult their education agents for pricing and other information.

Chelsea Language Academy ( is a fast growing English school in Toronto, Canada that was originally founded in 1993 in Tokyo by its principal, Robbie McMullan. Mr. McMullan is a highly experienced language teacher, writer and alumnus of Harvard University.


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