Malhotra Center for Plastic Surgery Announces Its New 48-Hour Quick Recovery Breast Augmentation Technique

An ideal breast augmentation procedure is one that is yields natural results yet requires minimal recovery time. Plastic surgery patients in Michigan can now undergo breast augmentation surgery and return to simple activities within 48 hours through the use of specific surgical techniques and careful medical management.

Ann Arbor, MI, April 21, 2010 --( With continual advances in cosmetic surgery, increasing numbers of people are seeking to rejuvenate themselves with procedures such as silicone breast enhancement and dual plane breast augmentation. In many practices, recuperation following such procedures can last up to seven days. Such prolonged recovery times may discourage patients who cannot afford to take a week off from their busy schedules.

Dr. Malhotra, a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation in Michigan, employs new methods in his practice that help reduce the post-operative recovery time. "During surgery, I spend extra time to only use a patient's natural tissue layers to minimize healing time as well as use a long acting anesthetic in the entire breast area" he explains.

According to Dr. Malhotra, choosing a surgeon is often the most difficult decision. He suggests that you should look critically at the pictures of several surgeons to see if you like the way their breast implant patients look. However, it is even more important that you have a surgeon that understands your goals for breast enhancement. "About 80% of our patients want breast augmentations that look very natural. These patients want breast implants that look professional during the day, but can be a touch more revealing in certain dresses or bathing suits if they wish. The other 20% of my patients likes a bigger bolder look, and we can do that as well."

Patients interested in 48 hour quick recovery breast augmentation can make an e-mail inquiry to receive a free consultation.

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