Game Cow Successfully Launches New Mother’s Day Gift Approach

Melbourne, Australia, April 22, 2010 --( GameCow Pty Ltd, an Australian console game specialist, has launched a new exciting approach to celebrate mothers of all ages on May 9th.

Under the motto “Mummy deserves a Great Gift This Mother’s Day,” the company, which is run by parents who understand the importance of overall health, is urging children to help their mothers stay fit by engaging them in fitness oriented games.

Generally, mums take care of their kids, but why can the rolls not be reversed? Today, children, young and old, are well informed about the importance of regular exercise, and a growing concern for obesity. They fully understand that fitness should be a part of everyone’s daily routine, including their mums.

The idea of children buying fitness video games for their mothers is original. Nintendo Wii games like “Wii Fit Plus”, “Just Dance” or “New U Fitness First” combine fitness and fun in one, and can be played by the entire family. Even grandma can participate.

Game Cow, a company specializing in Nintendo Wii, Wii games and Wii accessories, mainly targets an audience consisting of families and casual gamers. They focus on bringing parents & grandparents, who are purchasing games for their children & grandchildren, closer together.

The company also offers a “Wii Fit Plus Bundle.” In this package, original Wii Fit activities are combined with a selection from 15 new balance games, as well as six new strength training activities. The bundle, which includes a balance board, will be appreciated by the entire family, and will definitely change the way mums approach exercise.

Game Cow founder Monique Reibelt, who has children of her own says, “Mothers are finding it increasingly difficult to find time to exercise. Products like the Wii Fit Plus bundle enable them to train while their children are sleeping or to squeeze in a quick workout without the need to travel to a gym. Children also love playing the balance games.”

With the support of her kids (and dad) mothers will definitely enjoy working out. They will also lose weight, feel more energized, and their overall mood will improve. Keep all these advantages in mind when you go shopping for Mother’s Day, so you can pick out the game that is perfect for your own mum.

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