In the Newly Published Novel by Paul Xylinides, the Pope Canonizes a Homosexual Priest

In the newly published novel by Paul Xylinides (, the Pope canonizes a homosexual priest from the 1600's in order to advance the Church'd relevance in the 21st century.

Westmount, Canada, May 24, 2010 --( In the newly published novel The Confessor-Designate, by Paul Xylinides, a fictional Pope determines to have canonized a homosexual priest from the 1600's in order to advance the Church's relevance in the 21st century. The theological argument for such a step is a history of making saints of those who were once womanizers and prostitutes, in other words, it is not how one begins one's life but how one ends it that counts. The story follows the relationship of the nun and priest who are conscripted in this cause, the tragedy that befalls them (and the efforts of the police in this regard), the events in the life of the candidate for canonization that have brought him to such notice, and it shows the machinations in Rome that underlie the effort. Paul Xylinides is a Montreal writer where much of the story is set, it also takes place in Rome and 17th century France and North America.

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