Cross-Cultural Christmas and Hanukkah Gift Directory Celebrates Launch

The directory caters to a variety of holiday celebrations in order to make a wider range of visitors and their traditions feel welcome.

Boston, MA, November 29, 2006 --( ISA Domain Holdings, Inc., located in South Florida, announced today the launch of their latest and most exciting business venture to date,, a holidays gift directory. is an exciting new gift directory where anyone can shop for all of their gift giving needs at one location. Shopping on the site for Christmas gifts is a pleasure due to its easy navigation and efficient design. The web directory features hundreds of retailers ranging from popular shopping powerhouses, to small businesses offering unique and personal gifts.  Christmas and Hanukkah gifts are listed under numerous categories, including, Electronics, Computers, Clothing, Jewelry, Sports, and Toys and Games and many more.  The merchants’ offerings are clearly visible and easy to read and the site is void of any pop-up ads or annoying flashing banners. “We also provide a creative method of helping our customers locate the gift they are looking for in the event our merchants are unable to do so,” said Mr. Tolchinsky, the web directory’s creator.

The buzz surrounding the launch of the gift directory has caught on with many national retailers allowing the site to provide offerings from companies such as Toys R Us, Footlocker, Apple iTunes,, Cingular, Sony, Limitedtoo, Starbucks, Children’s Place, Zales, Sirius Satellite, and many, many, more. “Each day as the buzz  grows we are receiving offers from more and more retailers wanting to jump on board and be a part our gift directory,” said  Mr. Tolchinsky. was borne from Mr. Tolchinsky’s own personal experiences of searching the Internet for a place to purchase gifts for friends and family during the holidays season. "This project is the most exciting new venture that I have been in involved with in years due in part due to its social value," said Larry Tolchinsky, President and CEO of ISA Domain Holdings, Inc. "We are providing a web destination where all people can shop during the holidays season, feel comfortable and not excluded, and be able to find the items they are looking for while maintaining their own identity and spirit. Now, through, there is a gift directory where all people can shop and enjoy that experience."

The gift directory utilizes the term holidays throughout the site, purposely underlining and italicizing the word, in order to limit the feeling of exclusion by any person and celebrating all holidays.

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