Brand New Dating Site/Social Community Opens Their Doors to the World

Dater's Haven is a complete and total brand new Social Community as well as a Dating Site with multiple features that will give the world a meeting place.

Brand New Dating Site/Social Community Opens Their Doors to the World
Ithaca, NY, May 27, 2010 --( Dater's Haven is not the same old online experience like when you go to the other dating sites that are on the world wide web.

Dater's Haven is a place that you can go to just to meet people from your area, other areas and countries, maybe chat, maybe just meet some new friends, maybe exchange a few flirts and actually get to see who your talking to in real time video chat.

Although there are many dating sites out there that focus on just the dating community, Dater's Haven isn't just for date seekers alone. It is for:

* Singles
* Married couples
* Friend seekers
* PenPals
* Online buddies
* Family
* And more

Dater's Haven is a brand new social community that just opened their doors less than a week ago. Their name Dater's Haven, does not mean just a date with someone, but means a date with a friend to meet for a relaxing chat or a family member to meet on webcam because maybe they haven't seen each other in years because distance separates them.

It means a date to meet new and exciting people from different states and foreign lands who are excited to tell you about their cultures and want to know about your cultures.

It means it is a safe haven, away from all the typical online behavior.

A place where you can be sure that the community is monitored 7 days a week to make sure that unwanted solicitations and spam and other forms of online aggravation dont get in the way of you just having a wonderful place where you can relax, kick back and truly enjoy yourself with old friends or new.

Dater's Haven has a lot to offer to their members. Just look at some of the things that are included :

* Your own personal Blog.
* A state of the art Flash Technology VideoChat room with unlimited webcams.
* A Internet radio station partner built right into the site so that you can tune in while in chat with your friends, family, loved one , potential life partners, and make a dedications or requests right from the site.
* Profiles which you can edit at anytime.
* Your own Voice clip greeting / or your favorite audio recording.
* Send e-mails.
* Send flirts.
* Upload your photo's and start your own photo gallery.
* Upload your own video's/or your favorite YouTube Video embedded right into your page.
* Ability to block messages from undesirables.
* Friends lists / Favorites.
* Search features include age range / name / city, state , country and more.
* Article and essay posting , and so much more.

Dater's Haven hopes to become your safe haven to meet with all your friends and family and loved ones. They also hope you will enjoy meeting new people from all over the world who will satisfy your thirst for knowledge about other countries, cities and states.

They hope that if you meet someone on the site that you find to be the person you have waited your whole life for, that you will share your story in testimonials and let everyone hear about your experience.

Or if you just enjoy the site, that you will share your testimonial.

Dater's Haven is a social community, VideoChat, Online Interactive Internet Radio Station, Blogging site, Video sharing, Audio sharing and photo sharing site, and dating site all wrapped into one.

Before adding a new feature it must meet Dater's Haven standard of excellence.

Their memberships are extremely reasonable in order to meet the criteria of those who are having tough times in today's economy. They even have a Lifetime Membership option so you can join that one time and be a member forever.

Stop by today for your 7 day free trial and enter the code DH30F and you'll turn your 7 day free trial into a 30 day free trial.

Dater's Haven - - Where men, women and romance become one.

Dater's Haven
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Dater's Haven actual Banner Logo

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