Travelhost Arrives at the Top of the World

Travelhost accompanies the #1 Mt. Everest climber on record-setting 20th ascent to the top of the world.

Dallas, TX, June 15, 2010 --( TRAVELHOST, The #1 Travel Magazine has partnered with Apa Sherpa – the #1 Mt. Everest climber on his record-setting 20th ascent to the top of the world. He has long been recognized by his peers as one of the greatest mountaineers of all time. After reaching the summit, Sherpa said, “I am thankful to have been able to climb Mount Everest for the 20th time. I climbed this year to raise awareness about the Apa Sherpa foundation, which is dedicated to increasing educational opportunities for people in the Himalayan Region. I also climbed to bring attention to the damage done to the Himalayas because of global climate change.”

James. E. Buerger, TRAVELHOST Chairman and Publisher said: “As part of our ongoing efforts, we saw the perfect opportunity to support a great cause and an awe-inspiring adventurer while raising awareness of our brand and opportunities. TRAVELHOST along with our 150 million readers is proud to have made this historic journey with Apa Sherpa.”

On his expedition to the top of the world, Sherpa carried a banner featuring the names of TRAVELHOST Associates including the TRAVELHOST Magazine Associate Publishers. Each member of the organization helped make this journey possible. TRAVELHOST would especially like to thank Brian and Stephanie Thomas, Associate Publishers of TRAVELHOST Salt Lake City, for their assistance.

In their support of Apa Sherpa’s historic ascent, TRAVELHOST, Inc. partnered with the following organizations: SD7 Technology Group, First Ascent / Eddie Bauer, Suunto, Hot Chillys, Bohemian Brewery Diamond Mold, Inc / Biomerics, Hoopes Vision, 8 Zone, Asian Trekking Partners with SuperSherpas (R), and Solarus Lending Group.

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About the Apa Sherpa Foundation
The Apa Sherpa Foundation was recently organized as a nonprofit organization to help Apa extend educational opportunities to his fellow Sherpa in the Khumbu. For more information, go to

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