Gulf Coast Oil Spill Cleanup Delayed Due to Contractor Insurance Requirements

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Cleanup Delayed Due to Contractor Insurance Requirements
Dallas, TX, June 18, 2010 --( Many contractors stand ready to help save the Gulf of Mexico, but rigid insurance requirements are thwarting their efforts. Contractors are required to purchase specific liability, pollution and federally mandated workers’ compensation coverages designed for employees working on, around or near waterways. To aid contractors with the requirements, MarketScout has developed OSCAR (Oil Spill Cleanup and Remediation) to provide a comprehensive insurance solution for contractors working to clean the British Petroleum oil spill. Four leading energy insurance companies are participating in OSCAR. MarketScout is the manager and founder of OSCAR.

According to Richard Kerr, MarketScout’s Chief Executive Officer, “Many contractors strive to help the BP cleanup; but, federal insurance statutes require complex insurance policies not available from most insurers. Oil spill cleanup contractors must show proof of insurance with policies designed to provide pollution, third party liability and federally mandated workers’ compensation coverages. These insurance requirements slow down the process of getting contractors for these jobs. The more quickly oil is cleaned the more quickly the Gulf Coast economy will recover and less likely our beautiful wetlands and beaches will be soiled. Contractors now have a one stop solution for adhering to the federally-mandated insurance provisions.”

For access to OSCAR, contractors should contact their licensed insurance agent, or visit

About MarketScout
MarketScout is a Dallas, Texas-based insurance exchange with specialty expertise in energy, environmental and remediation industries. MarketScout represents dozens of insurance companies specializing in protecting on, and offshore energy and environmental contractors. OSCAR is a division of MarketScout. To learn more about MarketScout, please visit

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