EL CAP Inc. - Redefining the Investment Process

Announces the Opening of Their Charlotte, Vermont Office

Charlotte, VT, July 22, 2010 --(PR.com)-- When seeking investment advice, nearly all investors go directly to the point of sale (e.g. investment advisors, brokers, bank trust departments, mutual funds, hedge funds). At the same time, these firms go to great lengths to convince investors that their products will deliver superior returns, and that their interests are fully aligned with those of their clients.

Andrew Haigney, Managing Director of EL CAP, Inc., is challenging the industry status quo. "At EL CAP, we believe that once someone has something to sell you they can no longer be truly objective. Whether these firms are held to the suitability standard or the fiduciary standard, an inherent conflict exists when revenues are dependant on closing the sale." He continues, "We live in a world where investment advice has become a ‘product’ and investment returns have, to a great extent, become commoditized, yet the financial services industry continues to cling to its antiquated, high fee, captive model."

EL CAP is redefining the investment process by removing investment decision making from the sales channel. EL CAP is unique among financial service firms in that they do not charge annual asset-based fees (a fixed percentage of clients’ assets) or commissions. "We offer pure investment advice. We’re bringing proven institutional investment disciplines and processes to a broader range of investors," said Mr. Haigney. "Our goal is to provide the highest quality, highest value-added investment consulting services at the lowest possible cost."

In mid 2007, prior to forming EL CAP, co-founders Sarah Scranton and Andrew Haigney left their Wall Street jobs and spent nearly a year traveling throughout North America with their two young children. "Stepping away from the day-to-day grind of our industry gave us a unique opportunity to reassess our priorities and take a fresh look at our industry. We determined that there is a huge need for genuine, unbiased investment advice that isn’t packaged as a financial product or gimmick," said Ms. Scranton.

Mr. Haigney added, "We are excited to open our office in Vermont. With the benefits of modern technology and communications, an office is no longer a place, it’s a capability, and Vermont offers the quality of life that we are looking for."

About EL CAP

EL CAP, Inc. (http://www.elcapinc.com) is a Registered Investment Advisor registered with the Securities Division of the State of Vermont. The firm provides investment-consulting services to individual investors, corporations, foundations, trustees, and endowments.

Sarah Scranton, CFA and Andrew Haigney founded EL CAP, Inc. in 2009. Sarah and Andrew each have in excess of twenty years of institutional investment experience. Their institutional backgrounds transcend both the “buy-side” and “sell-side” as well as the equity and fixed income markets. Most recently Sarah was Principal and Senior Portfolio Manager with Freedom Capital Management where she was responsible for managing institutional fixed income portfolios and Andrew was First Vice President, Institutional Equity Sales at Merrill Lynch where his clients included mutual funds, hedge funds, registered investment advisors, banks and trust companies.


If you'd like more information about EL CAP, Inc., or to schedule an interview with Andrew Haigney, please call (802) 735-2324 or e-mail PR@elcapinc.com.
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