Papros Inc. Updates Secure Handling for Supply Chain Material Accounting, Product Communications, Safety Data Sheets and Other Notifications

Papros Inc. has updated its cloud based supply chain accounting, tracking and notifications using higher level of security and authentication. Using the cloud to securely exchange, broadcast or capture supply chain data, communications and files eases bottlenecks and reduces information clutter and eliminates redundant and wastefully repetitive processes.

Papros Inc. Updates Secure Handling for Supply Chain Material Accounting, Product Communications, Safety Data Sheets and Other Notifications
San Jose, CA, August 25, 2010 --( Green leader Papros Inc. today announced that its customers will be able to track supply chain product communications, footprints and other notifications by using the upgraded highly secure OAUTH authentication on social media tools, most notably Twitter. Papros Inc. has been the prime mover in using social media for pollutant and material footprint tracking and notifications for parts and products associated with upstream and downstream accounting and regulatory processes in the supply chain. Papros Inc. now offers methods for increasing the security when parlaying the power of social media. What this means is that companies, who with the previous version of MRPRO, have been able to declare their footprints, safety data sheets or other notifications on a web site for each part number only once, then let all of their customers capture that information seamlessly through the use of MRPRO's social web module, with no need for multiple upstream and downstream queries, will be able to ensure a higher level of security for their data using the update.

MRPRO offers the spreadsheet as one interface for product data in addition to industry and W3C compliant XML formats for the data. MRPRO uses the social media to broadcast and capture product communications, files, test data, safety data, compositions, obsolescence information and other data in an efficient manner. This is done in such a manner, so multiple exchanges between suppliers and customers, some of which are in many cases bi-directional also, and often involving the same information being requested and supplied to many parties repeatedly, can be avoided by using the social cloud itself to share the information. Simply put, ideally using MRPRO, each supplier just declares once on the cloud and each customer declares their needs just once, and broadcasts and capture of other communications are similarly done efficiently.

By seamlessly exchanging data on the web or the desktop, the entire web is the database for MRPRO and the spreadsheet is the interface. MRPRO thus provides native support for cloud computing.

MRPRO supports Design for the Environment by easily exchanging product footprint, obsolescence information and due diligence communications in the realm of U.S. Conflict Metals Regulation, Canadian Chemicals Management, REACH, RoHS, RoHS-like (China, Korea), JMOSS, WEEE, EuP, AB 32, Green Chemistry Initiative, Extended Producer Responsibility and other emerging regulations. MRPRO enables compliance by full support for data conforming to EIA (supports the latest JIG), IPC 175x, JAMP, JEDEC, SAE and F2725. By enabling conformance to specific industry and cross-industry standards, MRPRO supports a complex supply chain that encompasses electronics, aerospace, medical devices, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and a multitude of more sectors. MRPRO offers unparalleled robustness in developing product footprints for components, assemblies, electronic products, light and heavy duty industrial goods and equipment, commercial machinery and also for other consumer products.

About Papros Inc:

Papros Inc. has been committed to providing Total Environmental Management solutions to US and International companies. “Optimizing the Greenback and the Green Environment” has been the slogan of Papros Inc. since its inception more than twenty-three years back. Based in San Jose, California, Papros Inc.’s solutions span the entire spectrum of Environmental Management and feature tools to enable corporations worldwide to deploy and manage product environmental lifecycle data in a manner that is efficient, easy-to-use and economic to support the infrastructure needed for manufacturing, and for rapid changes in product design. Papros Inc. has helped hundreds of entities, that list including several fortune 500 companies, federal, state and local governmental organizations and other smaller entities as well, manage their environmental lifecycle data. This includes computations for product footprint declarations, as well as facility level data management for emissions into air, liquid discharges and offsite shipments, solid waste disposals, and for alternatives assessments to identify and drive optimized performance.

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