ToysN’Tayls Presents a New Product Line, "Wizarday - When Our Stuff Went Away!"

Toys’NTayls strengthens its innovative product concept line of educational books and toys by introducing its new product line called “Wizarday—When Our Stuff Went Away!”

ToysN’Tayls Presents a New Product Line, "Wizarday - When Our Stuff Went Away!"
Bethel, CT, September 02, 2010 --( Like the “Two Tuba Switch” product line, “Wizarday” delivers on the theme of enabling children and their parents to accept themselves for what they are and find their own ways to grow, meeting their particular needs and personalities.

The new line consists of an 80-page humorous storybook with corresponding board and card games that focus on the issue of the Daily Routine. Targeted to children age 8+ and their parents.

The tale takes place in the Wizarday family home, where daily routines are posted on the doors and opinions are like solid brick walls. Enter and find out what happens when a wizard casts a spell, the family daily routine vanishes and the brick walls come tumbling down. Join Amber, Curly, Lee, Mom and Dad in their hilarious adventure as they solve a mystery and rebuild their home with a great big Window of Harmony.

Readers will find themselves in the characters: Mom, Dad or one of the children, Amber, Curly and Lee. Part 2 has the House of Fun, full of educational activities—puzzles, riddles and games—and entertaining info pages. Using these step-by-step tools, learn the benefits of routine—and more.

“Getting children to understand, value and follow daily routines can be challenging. This book presents a fun and positive way for parents to reinforce this message to their children.”
— Brian S. Friedlander, Ph.D. Professor of Education, College of St. Elizabeth, Convent Station, New Jersey

Routine Is Important for Children and Families. It involves daily life actions, from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night. When implemented appropriately, it helps structure and organize the day so it flows more easily. Without it—or with too much — conflict, insecurity and other behavioral and emotional difficulties can arise.

“Wizarday’s” Unique Approach is the story with its free, engaging family of characters. It helps both children and parents understand how positive routines can evolve through playful two-way communication, while providing a fun platform for teaching children the importance and benefits of routine.

Developed for Pre-adolescents (age 8–12). At this stage, children are mature enough to understand the value of routine. “Wizarday” helps them develop the responsible sense of independence that will be so important in adolescence.

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ISBN: 978-965-7435-01-4

Niky Itzhaki