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Brothersoft shares the latest news on software technology and evaluates new E-merchandise with more than 55,490 fans on Brothersoft facebook and 3,690 followers on brothersoft Twitter everyday. They can talk freely about any topic, recommend news to their friends and make some new friends with similar interests.

Beijing, China, September 20, 2010 --( About Brothersoft Facebook

Users can post information about everything - help needed (about software), advice for Brothersoft, praise or complaints, or just discuss something with other fans. At the same time, fans also can find some news feeds about brothersoft.

Users will see detailed information about Brothersoft such as Website URL, Company Overview, Mission & Products

Not only can Brothersoft add pics but fans can also add them. You can share some of your pics or just some pics you like. It’s really a good chance to make some new friends or share something which you like.

Every fan of Brothersoft can submit topic or view any topic and discuss something freely with other fans. Everyone has the chance to express their opinion about anything.

There are 5 pages which will be helpful for users including filehippo, OneRepublic, Malwarebytes, CNET, VDownloader, you also can browser those pages and pick up some information on any topic you are interested in.

This is similar to a blog. Brothersoft will post articles and fans can write posts about what they like and share it with friends. Users can leave some feedback or avoid browsing it at all.

Brothersoft posts links about excellent software, news about software technology, and evaluations of new products, etc.

Brothersoft shares some interesting videos with all the fans and most of them, just for fun. Just like the “Notes” users can choose share with their friends, leave feedback, etc.

Brothersoft will hold some events periodically. Such as Brothersoft & Xilisoft Valentine's Day Promotion, Win Exciting Prizes, etc.

About Brothersoft Twitter

There are 2,700 tweets (171 Listed) on the Brothersoft Twitter account and more than 3,690 followers follow Brothersoft. Brothersoft's Twitter account will be updated regularly and the latest news about games, software, evaluation of new products, etc. will be retweeted. Users can leave feedback about it or retweet the news which they like.

In brief, Brothersoft provides fans & followers with a direct platform in which they can share news on a social network, the latest tendency of software technology or some new electronic product and talk freely about it, what's more important is that they provide the user with a much more direct service through it.

About Us

Brothersoft is a leading download sites in the world for free software downloads and shareware sales. Founded in 2002, Brothersoft now offers the biggest collection of software programs for Windows, Mac, Mobile and free games downloads as well. Brothersoft is available in English, Japanese, German, French and Spanish. Brothersoft's expertise in the software business can help vendors increase their visibility on the Internet, maximize product sales and distribution. More information can be found on the official website at and you are welcomed to follow us on Twitter, at, and became fan of our facebook network

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