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StreamSend to Email Marketers: Don't Get Blacklisted

Sacramento, CA, November 09, 2010 --(PR.com)-- StreamSend, a leading email marketing software provider has named six key steps businesses should take to avoid getting “blacklisted” – having emails blocked by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) before they reach your subscribers.

“Having frustrated subscribers complain to ISPs is the main reason for getting blacklisted,” said Dan Forootan, president of StreamSend Email Marketing. “Here are six ways you can prevent those complaints from happening, and maintain good relations with your subscribers.”

1. Double opt-in
Having your subscribers double opt-in is not only a smart policy, its the best way to ensure the right people will receive your emails. By having your subscribers confirm their subscription to your emails you prevent any addresses from fraudulently being added to your lists.

2. Control frequency of emails
If you haven’t sent to your list in several months, some subscribers may forget that they had signed up, and complain. You will want to keep in contact with them so they recognize your messages when they arrive in their inbox.

3. Ensure You Have Valid Emails
ISPs monitor how many soft and hard bounces occur during an email distribution. Make sure that you have a clean list to start. This generally shouldn’t be a problem, but some businesses have a double opt-in list, and others haven’t sent messages for a long time. In these cases, you may wish to send slowly over time for your first couple of email campaigns so that your system can clean your list without ISPs blacklisting.

4. Don’t use subject lines that can appear to be spam
With spam being such a problem, people sometimes assume a message is spam without getting past the subject line. You will want to be sure to avoid terms that sound as though they could be used for spam (ex. Don’t miss this free opportunity! / Great deals on new products!)

5. Make sure your “from” name and address are familiar
Avoid any confusion as to where your message is coming from. Your subscribers will be much less inclined to report you as a spammer if they can contact you directly.

6. Ensure that the opt-out URL is clearly visible
Even if a subscriber has double-opted in to your mailing list, they may eventually decide they’d like to unsubscribe. If you don’t give them the option to do so, their next step may very well be likely to report your message as spam.

About StreamSend
StreamSend offers an easy-to-use, affordable and reliable email marketing software solution designed to help businesses make the most of their time and money when sending an email newsletter or other email campaigns. StreamSend offers a number of industry-leading standard pricing plans and also has strong private-label and affiliate programs. Started as part of EZ Publishing, a web hosting and design company founded in 1998, StreamSend is now the company’s flagship product.

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