Melbourne Used Car Company Proves Moving Pictures Help Move Cars

Melbourne, Australia, November 23, 2010 --( Despite ubiquitous global predictions that video will overtake text on the worldwide web, Australian businesses have been slow to implement video-based tools on their website. Yet Evanwood Motors, a leading Melbourne used car dealer, and their operating partner Car City, have both recently seen fantastic customer engagement and associated profit from their innovative use of online video.

A Melbourne used car dealer is pioneering Australian small business's use of online video as a website engagement tool, and contrary to popular opinion the online video is having a significant and real impact on visitor engagement.

Evanwood Motors already offer a substantial benefit profile to customers, including:

5 year nationwide unlimited kilometre warranty
1 year RACV membership / roadside care benefit program
Free oil and lubricant with every car sold

However, the used car dealers Melbourne have found that the video elements of their website have had a far more immediate impact on their customer engagement and sales success than these integral business benefits.

The Evanwood Motors own site recently added short movies of each of their used cars for sale in Melbourne to the website, while their affiliate company, Car City recently added a speaking host to their main website, known as "Livelayers."

The addition of Livelayers to the main website created:

An increase in average time spent on site from around 2.35 minutes to over 8 minutes
Increased conversions
Increased customer retention

"There seems to be a general perception across Australian businesses that Livelayers and other 'speaking host' type systems are too intrusive and will turn customers off. From our web analytics, this perception is completely unfounded - a lot of companies in Australia have much poorer customer engagement than their potential," said Mr. Mark Wood of Evanwood Motors.

A recent one-month study by comScore revealed that 81% of Australian adults had viewed a video online in the past month, with the average viewer clocking up 7 hours per month of online video watching. According to SysComm International, humans employ 40% of the cerebral cortex to process video; they are evolutionarily hardwired to pay more attention to moving images than anything else.

About Evanwood Motors:

Evanwood Motors have made it their mission to bring class, efficiency, trust and reliability back to the used car industry by combining experience and the latest modern technology with classic customer service and workmanship.

Evanwood Motors is an Approved VACC Dealer, and with over 15 years experience in the automotive industry, our internet vehicle consultants have a proven reputation of knowing what a buyer wants, and how to find it.

At Evanwood Motors, we're striving to make "buyer beware" a concept of the past by subjecting All vehicles to a rigorous multi-point mechanical and safety inspection before they are offered for sale, and every vehicle sold drives away with a 5 year Integrity Warranty and 1 year RACV Roadside Assist. Used cars that do no meet our high standards of excellence and mechanical reliability will not be offered to our customers.

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