Can Firtal Brands Bring an End to Outrageous Shaving Expenses?

According to an article in the Daily Mail men are paying a huge mark-up on razor blades. Daily Mail have talked to industry insiders, who claim that cartridge blades cost as little as $0.08 to make*. Consumers are charged up to $4 for every single blade. A mark-up of 5,000 per cent. "Our new technology might be the end of playing the shaving consumer for a fool," says Mikkel Salling from Firtal Brands.

Can Firtal Brands Bring an End to Outrageous Shaving Expenses?
New York, NY, March 17, 2011 --( No wonder that razor blade manufacturers can afford hiring high profile sports stars when advertising. After all, margins on razor blades are surprisingly high. The British newspaper Daily Mail have talked to industry insiders claiming that it cost as little as $0.08 to produce a razor blade which retail as high as $4.00*. But the wind of change is blowing across the shaving market. A new technology enables you to clean and maintain your razor blade making it last for months.

After years of research a clever little invention coming out of Denmark is now hitting the market all over the world. It´s called a Razorpit, inspired by racing cars which goes to pit to get fixed before moving on. Like the barber used to “sharpen” his knife on a leather strap, Razorpit removes soap coverings, skin and hair, that sticks to the cutter blade and makes it dull. A few strokes on the silicone surface are enough to make the cutter blade seem new.

Razorpit has already been sold in several hundred thousand units across Europe. “As we see it, our razor blade sharpener is currently the biggest threat against the razor blade industry as a man can now shave for a whole year using only one pack of blades,” says Mikkel Salling. Independent lab tests from the Danish Technological Institute supports the claim that Razorpit can actually remove the coverings from a blade and customer surveys state that a man gets on average 60 shaves from a single blade, when using the Razorpit.

Mikkel Salling continues, “It might become the case that the razor blade industry will have to lower the prices so that consumers will continue to buy new blades instead of just sharpening them.”

The Razorpit technology is patented and Firtal Brands is the producer and worldwide distributor. Razorpit is available at


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