Mane Center Tampa Florida Participates in World Autism Awareness Month

The Mane Center and autism treatment authority, Dr. Nelson Mane, offers information about autism spectrum treatment. Promotion of awareness of the condition is the purpose of World Autism Awareness Month.

Mane Center Tampa Florida Participates in World Autism Awareness Month
Tampa, FL, May 04, 2011 --( On April 30, 2011, as part of World Autism Awareness Month, the movie documentary about autism, "Walking in the Dark" debuted in Atlanta. The film features Dr. Nelson Mane and the city of Tampa Bay. It was produced by award-winning filmmaker Brian K. Dery. The movie trailer can be seen at

Other events scheduled in April include "Light it Blue" for Autism on the 1st and 2nd. Autism Speaks' annual Walk for Autism was on April 16th. Jules Burt's High Heel Hike for Autism is on May 16th.

According to Dr. Mane, noted Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist and D.A.N.(Defeat Autism Now) Doctor, "If you have been informed that changes cannot be made in your child after the age of six, this information is incorrect and outdated. This is the same reason that they now tell the elderly to do puzzles, learn a musical instrument or learn a new language in an attempt to avoid senile dementia."

Dr. Mane Continues: "We can then use the brain's ability to change to make positive changes using targeted stimulation to the areas which are deficient as determined by a functional neurological examination." Using a method called Hemispheric Integration Therapy, Dr. Mane has been able to help many children and adults that have been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome or Autism Spectrum Disorders, as well as others with learning disabilities and ADD or ADHD.

Learn more about the Tampa autism doctor and about specific events scheduled during April by visiting the web pages at or Members of the press and others who have questions about this press release may contact Dr. Mane at the location below.

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