Atlantic Global PLC Announce the Release of the Atlantic Global Solution V4.6

Online Project Management Software provider Atlantic Global announced major enhancements to the market-leading Software as a Service (SaaS) project management tool the Atlantic Global Solution, designed specifically to improve the ease of adoption for Small to Medium Enterprises.

Leeds, United Kingdom, September 05, 2011 --( Atlantic Global PLC, the specialist provider of online project management software, today announced the release of the Atlantic Global Solution v4.6.

The latest version of Atlantic Global's Software as a Service (SaaS) Project Management tool offers a comprehensive mix of SME usability coupled with enterprise level configurability, security and scalability making the software a viable project management solution for any business, independent of shape, size or focus.

Over the past 4 months Atlantic Global has been focused on greatly simplifying the usability, administration and configuration of their online project management software to help speed up adoption rates within small to medium sized businesses. As part of this programme, one of Atlantic Global's key design principles was to ensure ease of use without compromising on the configurability, speed and security provided by the existing enterprise backbone.

Atlantic Global have achieved this with some great new features in version 4.6 which make it easier than ever to set up and configure an online project management solution for any business.

The new quick start dashboard enables businesses to quickly explore the features and functionality of the Atlantic Global Solution through the eyes of pre-defined roles such as Team Members, Project Managers, Resource Managers and Portfolio Managers. The advantage here is that businesses can easily evaluate the system using common roles to assess the Atlantic Global Solutions suitablity to their business needs without investing excessive time configuring the tool.

To speed up adoption, each user type comes complete with a full user guide which provides a structured framework to navigate and learn the different features and functionality in the system. What's more, should a business decide to roll out the Atlantic Global Solution, the Quick Start Dashboard provides a nice facility to quickly add new users with the same profile as the pre-defined roles; and the user guides double up as valuable training material for new users.

To help further simplify the use of the Atlantic Global Solution, the software is now available in 4 editions, these include Timesheet and Expense Management. Project Management, Professional Services Automation and Project Portfolio Management. Each edition quickly restricts what roles and functionality are available in the system, meaning businesses can start with something simple then drip feed out new functionality as their requirements grow. This enables the Atlantic Global Solution to easily cope with businesses requiring a simple timesheet solution through to a full Project Portfolio Management tool without over complicating the software to the end user.

For prospective users of the Atlantic Global Solution, version 4.6 now comes pre-configured with many project collaboration features such as To Do Actions, Lessons Learned, Project Updates and Project Status Reporting making it far easier for any business to centralise the storage of all project communication and documents.

A major feature of the Atlantic Global Solution v4.6 is the new improved simplified administration. Modal Forms, Automated Codes, Google Type Searches and Additional Templates greatly enhance the speed and ease in which users can set up and configure the Atlantic Global Solution.

About Atlantic Global PLC
Established in 1993, Atlantic Global have over 16 years of experience in developing and delivering cost-effective software applications to manage the delivery of projects and services in an organisation and improve the management of the business. In collaboration with long-standing clients such as GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Aviva (Norwich Union) Atlantic Global have developed a best-of-breed solution designed to enable an organisation to implement project management software with ease.

The Atlantic Global Solution is a comprehensive suite of business software designed to manage every aspect of your business, ranging from simple timesheet and expense management all the way up to Project Portfolio Management (PPM). The software has been designed to offer SME usability coupled with enterprise level security, scalability and configuration.

Atlantic Global's mission is to help businesses to improve the delivery of their projects and services, thereby enabling improvement in operational efficiency and effectiveness.

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