Bruce P. D’Sena, President of Innogist Holdings Inc. Releases New Book - “Cloud CIO Strategy”

CIO book provides visionary insights into why a Cloud based IT strategy should be the first choice for modern businesses.

Bruce P. D’Sena, President of Innogist Holdings Inc. Releases New Book  - “Cloud CIO Strategy”
Toronto, Canada, June 22, 2011 --( “Today’s markets are all about velocity and differentiation. Businesses need to compete hyper-aggressively in a price driven environment that’s saturated with choices for the consumer,” says Bruce D’Sena, the author of Cloud CIO Strategy.

He continues, “Social networks, The Internet of Things, Wireless connectivity and the Cloud are just some of the disruptive forces dramatically changing the way consumers and businesses interact. Yet, despite technology’s progress, the chasm between what a business typically needs and the value that their IT department provides is widening. The fundamental approach to how businesses apply information technology as well as their operating culture needs to change.”

With regard to the pivotal transformation the book describes, D’Sena shares the following views:

“Cloudsourcing and the Cloud’s utility service models can bring simplicity, flexibility and speed to businesses, with significantly lower expenditures and a much better cost structure. But many companies approach this the wrong way and make things difficult for themselves. This is not an IT project, but a better approach to IT itself. To succeed, a Cloud strategy must be executed through partnerships that are properly matched, and must deliver incremental value to the business right from the start. Cloud CIO Strategy shows how this can be done.

“A traditional approach to IT is simply no longer relevant, and companies that rely completely on their internal IT infrastructure are putting themselves on a path to extinction. The knowledge and currency lag, ridiculously high expenditures and other management overheads will drive them to the ground. The social and product frameworks that drive consumer ecosystems are also transitioning to the Cloud, so companies that wait too long are just going to be left behind. The most dynamic new players are already taking advantage of opportunities that Cloud models provide, and getting ahead of the game.”

This book is meant to be an eye opener for business and technology executives, as well as for the investment and entrepreneurial community in general. Cloud CIO Strategy conveys a sense of urgency and provides the direction and tools to get started. Filled with ideas and examples, the book addresses Cloud concepts and their relevance to business strategy as well as their application in practice. Topics covered include Cloud fundamentals and architecture, the unique characteristics of utility computing and Cloudsourcing partnerships, organizational aspects, distribution of responsibilities, strategic planning, and many other insightful perspectives on leadership, transition and culture.

The book also includes an engrossing commentary on the Cloud’s confluence with disruptive areas like Wireless Payments and Augmented Reality, and their related impacts on online commerce.

Cloud CIO Strategy is available in hardcover and paperback from Lulu Press. For more information or to purchase a copy, please visit

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Bruce is President of Innogist Holdings Inc., a privately held consultancy group. He has served on the senior leadership teams of Rogers Communications and Chatr Wireless among others, and was Chief Engineer with Thuraya - a $1.1 Billion Mobile Satellite venture. He has also co-founded technology startups and brings to the table over twenty years of global experience in the IT & Telecommunications industry. For more information please visit

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