AKO Pinch Valve Series VMC Compact System

Details of an industrial pinch valve new to the market, ideal for pharmaceutical and food applications with a stainless steel matt electro-polished body and connection ends.

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom, July 07, 2011 --(PR.com)-- New Modular Innovative and User-Friendly

The casing of the new air operated AKO Pinch Valves Series VMC incorporates an elliptical shaped housing control factor. This has the affect of reducing with each closing process, the consumption of air volume by up to 40%, which when compared to conventional circular control features, is a major reduction in energy consumption. Similarly, the elliptically shaped control provides a reduction of the Pinch Valve opening time by up to 50%, which is a positive maintenance factor as a faster opening time induces greater wear of the elastomer sleeve. This particularly applies in applications processing abrasive and corrosive products.

AKO air operated Pinch Valves of AKO Armaturen are renowned for their quality and performance in many varieties of applications and the free-flow product advantages when compared to other valves. This particular type of valve system provides users with the capacity to monitor and locate any failure in the elastomer sleeve, by the use of programmable logic control. It is an advantage that prevents the occurrence of high cost wastage of entire production batches caused by various faults in the product processing.

A further favourable comparison with other valve types of valves, is the added cost effectiveness given by the AKO Pinch Valves Series VMC system. In addition, other operating costs are saved, by absence of a need for extra expensive actuators. This is due to the extremely simple but highly effective design, construction and operation of the Pinch Valve, which also provides a greatly efficient valve shut-off capacity.

A prime factor relative to a Pinch Valve is the elastomer sleeve. The AKO Pinch Valves Series VMC provides 12 different forms of this component, which enables the use of this valve type in almost any related processing application. A highly cost effective pricing structure and efficient operation, provide this new and innovative system with the means to extend service to added applications in the food and beverage, chemical and pharnaceutical industrial sectors. Also on the list of products from AKO are the manual and control pinch valves of the series OV and RV.

AKO Armaturen & Separations GmbH is a recognized Manufacturer of Pinch Valves and an industrial leader with over 26 years of experience. It produces the highest quality products and has worldwide representation.

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