Seaspray Leads the Way with New Energy Efficiency Regulations

Melbourne, Australia, July 08, 2011 --( Energy efficiency regulations for swimming pool and spa construction have been revised, and Seaspray Pools is proud to continue providing quality pools that embrace industry standards.

The new Building Code of Australia regulations became effective in May 2011 and will affect the construction of all new pools and in-built spas. For many Australians concerned about energy efficiency, the revised regulations are welcome news, and bring a stronger focus on the advantages of solar heating.

Under these provisions, swimming pools must now use solar heating as their primary source of heat. This can be supplemented by a gas heater or heat pump, or both- but electric resistance heating cannot be used.

These regulations also apply to spas that share a water circulation system with a swimming pool. Portable spas, however, are exempt from these stipulations, and may continue to use electrical resistance heating.

If solar heating cannot be provided as the main heat source, there are possibilities for an alternative solution to be formulated to meet the performance requirements, or an application can be made to the Building Appeals Board.

Seaspray is a proud member of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) and the Housing Industry Association (HIA), and is devoted to building all pools and spas to comply with Australian industry standards. Since 1989, Seaspray has designed and built pools for thousands of happy customers across Victoria, maintaining the highest standards of service and construction quality.

Energy-conscious customers wanting to build a new pool can feel confident with Seaspray. For more information, please visit their site.

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