Releases Their Software Q&A Community Section on August 1st, 2011 provides users with a platform in which they can share their valuable experience and discuss the best software solutions.

Beijing, China, August 03, 2011 --( has released their Q&A Community Section which provides users a platform in which they can share their valuable experience and discuss the best software solutions. At the same time, it will provide an effective method for users to solve their software problems.

1. Enrich the methods of problem solving software issues for the user;
2. Upgrade capability for solution sharing;
3. Encourage users' enthusiasm;

Every single software has its’ own Q&A area. It’s easy to ask questions and use for all software problems.

1. Professional Reply:
Users’ question will be answered by verified experts and verified developers
2. E-mail Alerts:
You will receive an e-mail alert if the question you followed or asked is answered by someone. So you will never miss any new answers.
3. Score accumulation:
You can get score accumulation no matter whether you ask or answer, and when you buy software or a game, the score can be used as cash.
4. Become a verified expert:
Passing an evaluation administered by's editorial team would allow the user to become a verified expert; if the user’s best answers rate and match an evaluation condition.

In its infant stage, the Software Q&A Community can be found in the details page of the top 100 software. Soon it will be available for others.

Throughout the software download industry's development history, everyone is trying to create a brand principle of its own; but the difference is in the audience.

Some of the audiences are “production” eventual user, and the others are “production” producer.

The market depends on the demand. The eventual user is the person who decides to accept your service. Brand principle should meet the needs of the service line and users. And users just need to pick up an excellent service, which suits them. is steadfast in user care in 2011 and is constantly trying to improve user satisfaction. In fact, has been revised 4 times as of May 2011.

Every new version of is much clearer and concise than the previous one.

This was a big step up in making the site more user friendly. The flaring content is getting less and less. aims to make every user feel their sincerity.

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