Datalight Announces Support for Micron’s ClearNAND™ Products

Datalight software support for Micron Technology Inc.’s ClearNAND products is now available through its FlashFX Tera media manager.

Santa Clara (Flash Memory Summit), CA, August 09, 2011 --( Datalight announced today that software support for Micron Technology Inc.’s ClearNAND products is now available through its FlashFX® Tera media manager. ClearNAND products improve the reliability and performance of smaller and more advanced memory devices (25-nanometer and below), making them more attractive to manufacturers of enterprise servers, tablet PCs, portable media players, and dozens of other consumer applications. Error-correction is performed within the ClearNAND package itself, allowing wear-leveling, compaction, Bad Block Management and other flash management functions to be done in software. The new products are also optimized for high-capacity and high-performance applications.

“With the industry driving toward sub 20-nanometer NAND parts, bit errors are becoming a bigger obstacle to performance and reliability,” said Ken Whitaker, Datalight Director of Engineering. “By performing ECC functions in hardware while allowing BBM, wear-leveling and compaction to be done in software, which leverages the value of the ONFI standardization work on the EZ-NAND initiative, Micron is providing customers a solution that alleviates the management headaches often found in process shrinks.”

ClearNAND uses a traditional raw NAND interface and tightly couples error management in the NAND device, giving customers the highest capacity and lowest cost-per-bit solution.

“We are pleased that Datalight has chosen to support our new ClearNAND products with their FlashFX Tera flash media manager,” said Kevin Kilbuck, director of strategic marketing for Micron’s NAND Solutions Group. "It’s important to build a strong ecosystem around our ClearNAND portfolio, broadening the opportunities for smaller and more advanced NAND to be used in consumer, computing and enterprise applications."

FlashFX Tera flash media manager and Reliance Nitro file system comprise the Datalight flash file system solution. FlashFX™ Tera features pre-written support for over 300 flash parts, including MLC, works with virtually any NAND controller, and features wear leveling, bad block management, and background compaction for unrivaled performance. Reliance Nitro was designed from the ground up for high performance applications. Dynamic Transaction Point™ technology provides 100% immunity from file corruption, even after unexpected system interruption. Embedded applications can benefit from faster boot times that remain consistent for the life of the product, regardless of disk size. Datalight flash file system products are also available on Linux and other operating systems.

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