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MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Presents Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Shari's Berries offers lovely gourmet strawberries dipped in chocolate and then exquisitely designed in many different brilliant patterns.

MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Presents Gift Ideas for Any Occasion
Atlanta, GA, August 29, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow Shop At Home introduces Shari's Berries as a fun and delicious gift idea for any occasion. Folks say when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. When the home page of the company comes up, the would-be customer gasps: How has no one thought of selling artistic chocolate covered strawberries online before?

Consider the best sellers. Imagine twelve birthday strawberries and a happy birthday card made of chocolate. In the photo, this delectable treat is stuck with three birthday candles and the customer must wonder if they are edible as well. Other favorites are a dozen hand dipped birthday berries without the card, a dozen regular gourmet dipped berries, and a hand dipped berry medley. The berries have been dipped in yogurt and swizzled with orange, strawberry, and lemon. Others have been dipped in chocolate, then dipped in crushed almonds. Such gift ideas are too much for the system. But this does not even scratch the surface of what is on offer.

Another of the gift ideas are eight dipped cookies and a dozen gourmet dipped fancy berries. The cookies are oatmeal raisin, macadamia nut, and chocolate chip, each of which are themselves delicious, but not only that, they too have been dipped and swizzled along with the strawberries.

Other gift ideas are the brownie pops. A word must be said about gift ideas, however. When a potential customer sees this stuff, they will begrudge giving these gifts to anybody but themselves. Yes, Shari’s Berries must make tons of these confections, but the customer will not want to share with anyone. These are things to eat in lingering, voluptuous solitude. But back to the brownie pops. They too come dipped and swizzled, and some of them are shaped like zoo animals: smiling lions, pandas, hippos, and bears. Other brownie pops are decorated like footballs, basketballs and baseballs. Still others are "Get Well" brownie pops shaped to look like medical personnel.

More gift ideas abound with the six back to school brownie pops that are fashioned after an apple - complete with worm - a pencil, book bags, a tube of school glue, and a box of crayons. But the best of the brownie pop gift ideas are the twelve birthday cupcakes. They have white, sweet frosting with red, yellow, green, blue and orange sprinkles. They come in paper cups and have candles.

Now, it is time to move on to the truffles. At first the customer might think these gift ideas are the most “ordinary,” until they take a closer look. There is something called the 12 Fancy Berry Chocolate Armada. Of course it is an Armada. This means war on any last scrap of reluctance to indulge the customer may have. This assault of sweetness includes four berries dipped in dark chocolate and then dipped in chocolate chips, four berries dipped in milk chocolate and then dipped in crushed almonds, and four berries dipped in white chocolate with dark swizzles. There are more of those sensational dipped cookies, as well as almonds and fruit covered in dark, rich chocolate.

But this is not the end. Another of Shari’s Berries gift ideas are caramel apples. These are not just apples, not just caramel apples, which everyone knows and enjoys, but caramel apples dipped in M&Ms, Snickers and pecans. All come with sticks to keep the fingers from getting too sticky, some sticks are tied with red gauze ribbon.

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Chickie Maxwell