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S.D. Mack Pictures Now Offers Free Photo Coverage for Charity and Fundraising Events

S.D. Mack Pictures, founded by Celebrity Photographer Steve Mack is now offering free photo coverage for charity and fundraising events. For over 35 years, Steve Mack has worked actively as a New York based photographer. Mr. Mack was the official house photographer for the New York Chapter of the Barristers Wives Organization chaired by his mother Lee Mack and former First Lady Joyce Dinkins.

S.D. Mack Pictures Now Offers Free Photo Coverage for Charity and Fundraising Events
New York, NY, April 05, 2007 --(PR.com)-- S.D. Mack Pictures started the year off with a special offer to organizers of charitable events in New York City for free professional photographic coverage that would also include submission to all of the major newspapers and magazines worldwide. Philanthropists can now enjoy major access and publicity for their worthy causes. As a top photojournalist and media expert, Steve Mack is uniquely qualified to cover prestigious events where promptness, elegance, discretion and excellence are the order of the day.

Contact S.D. Mack Pictures. Request photo coverage of your event. S.D. Mack Pictures provides unlimited high end digital photos, access on www.sdmackpictures.com for viewing and purchasing photos of a variety of sizes. Password protection is also offered. Organizations in need of press coverage will also have distribution of their photos to the top news wire services, including World Entertainment News Network (WENN), The Everett Collection and/or Tabloid City.

Steve Mack captures quality images of people in a way that brings out the best in them. As a film director and director of photography, Steve knows how to gather and set up shots quickly, get names and caption them for all to see. Steve has a warm personality, a direct approach and professional yet stylish demeanor that translates into absolutely stellar photos that can be seen in the expressions on the faces of the subjects. For this reason, many of Steve's colleagues often wait for that moment when Steve directs the talent and evokes a surprise response and reaction that is caught on film, captured digitally with crisp clarity and cropped to perfection, ready for publication.

As a Graphic Designer adept in the craft of PhotoShop, Steve often transmits the newsworthy images immediately from the field, resulting in publication in hometown newspapers, magazines, web and publications in Europe, Asia, etc.

S.D. Mack Pictures is offering this free service to add a new dimension to photo coverage already provided by the company in a way that everyday people can have affordable access to the photos for personal use and to bolster their philanthropic efforts by using the digital images through the visual mediums, such as websites.

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