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MyReviewsNow Shopping Showcases Wine Cellar Design

MyReviewsNow Shopping affiliate, Wine Racks America, is a comprehensive online shopping and resource center for the display of wine. MyReviewsNow Shopping is pleased to feature the Wine Racks America wine cellar design center.

MyReviewsNow Shopping Showcases Wine Cellar Design
Dallas, TX, September 16, 2011 --( Located in North Salt Lake, Utah, Wine Racks America is a full-service manufacturer of American-made wine racks. Wine Racks America covers the entire wine cellar process, from concept to rack installation. In conjunction with online chat, toll free sales and support is available from the early morning to as late as 11pm EST, even on the weekends. Although the site specializes in the design of wine cellars and the manufacturing of wine racks, it also offers a selection of accessories, such as wine bottle tags and thermometers/hygrometers to measure temperature and humidity.

In addition to the type and shape of an optional cellar door, deciding on a wine cellar involves choosing a racking style and a wood type, which may be either pine (unfinished, stained, or ponderosa) or redwood (unfinished, stained, or premium). Spanning a range of spatial and aesthetic needs, there are numerous racking styles to choose from, including commercial aisle display kits, baker style kits, diamond bins, and waterfall kits.

Wine Racks America also features other fine wine display products. This is the case for the patented metal racking catalog that offers a contemporary style that can accent more traditional wooden wine racks. The vertical and horizontal wine cabinets which come in three styles, with three possible stains, have an outsourced cooling system in place.

An attractive feature of the website is the user friendly self-educating resources, including a bottle size chart, wine storage and serving tips, along with other helpful wine links. The article on wine storage tips covers nearly a dozen factors, including light, vibration, air flow, cellar size, and temperature. The most useful of these resources is the custom wine cellar design guide that covers the following: an informative overview that distinguishes between passive and active wine cellars, an examination of a cellar’s structural components, sample designs, clients and photos, as well as the question of a cooling system and how it determines the racking. All of this information helps the user fill in a detailed questionnaire for a free quote and professional set of AutoCAD drawings received in 2-3 business days. The website also houses a digital library of all the assembly guides in PDF format.

The high quality of all the images on the site is a welcome distinction in today’s online shopping. Never is there a moment of pixilated, blurry images or slow loading times. The user will appreciate the photo gallery and professionally photographed product images, including the extreme close ups of the textures on the wooden wine racks.

The site’s interface simplifies and highlights all the important decisions of choosing the right cellar design. Each design has tabs that help the user evaluate the product in areas like product specs, features, available trim kits (i.e. crown and floor molding), stain options, and which bottles will fit.

Products are backed by a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee, in addition to guaranteed shipping dates. The product testimonials are noteworthy, with some customers installing everything in under 30 minutes, while others find excitement in the ability to transform a coat closet into a custom wine cellar.

For further information regarding wine cellar design, please visit MyReviewsNow Shopping.

Chickie Maxwell