The Independent Adoption Center Launches Open Portrait

IAC Starts Tumblr Blog Celebrating Lives Touched by Open Adoption

Pleasant Hill, CA, November 02, 2011 --( As one of the most influential open adoption agencies in the country, the Independent Adoption Center has leveraged the power of social media to promote adoption awareness by starting a Tumblr blog celebrating lives touched by open adoption. The idea formed when the agency asked their Facebook fans to post pictures of their favorite captured moments of their children. The photos were heart warming and seeing them in succession painted a wonderful portrait of open adoption.

The Tumblr blog, Open Portrait, is a way of continuing to paint this portrait. It allows everyone (birthparents, adoptive parents, adoptees, family & friends) to share memories made possible through open adoption. Visitors can easily upload their own content – photos, videos, and quotes – which is then displayed artfully in the blog feed.

By inviting the adoption community to share their stories, the Independent Adoption Center hopes to help neutralize fears surrounding openness and manifest the commonalities of open adoption and just how many lives it touches.

Starting November 1st, the IAC invites everyone to visit Open Portrait and contribute an image, a video, a quote, a keepsake of any kind that helps paint a portrait of open adoption. Get involved by:

Checking it out. Visit Open Portrait frequently and see what people are posting.
Sharing. Post photos, videos, and quotes from your own open adoption.
Spreading the word! Post links to Open Portrait on Facebook, blogs and other websites.
Tweet, Tweet, Tweet, Link to Open Portrait with the hashtag #openportrait.

Founded in 1982, IAC is a counseling-based, licensed, nonprofit agency that has facilitated over 4,000 adoptions. IAC is also the largest and one of the oldest fully open adoption agencies in the country and it has been instrumental in pioneering open adoption. IAC informs, supports, and guides birth and adoptive parents through the process of creating healthy new families through open adoption. IAC is focused on transforming lives through open adoption by serving the best interests of birthmothers, children, and adoptive families.

Independent Adoption Center
Erin Grimm