Executive: A Novel by Leslie Wolfe - American Drones and Military Contractors Under Scrutiny

An intriguing new novel brings drone safety and reliability front and center.

Executive: A Novel by Leslie Wolfe - American Drones and Military Contractors Under Scrutiny
Los Angeles, CA, November 24, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The UAV changed heading and started descending, approaching them. The men were able to distinguish the on-board sensor array cameras rotating in search for targets. The drone was American, and they were America’s allies. The soldiers should be safe ... but are they? This is the story.

Executive by Leslie Wolfe provides a suspenseful page turner in a new novel that takes readers from a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan that takes a heavy toll, to a similar incident on American soil; from a successful American corporation that comes under scrutiny, to an executive who attempts to determine the truth about the technology that took the lives it was supposed to save.

The novel, full of plausible scenarios, is packed with drama on American soil and overseas.

A memorable incursion behind corporate closed doors, led by an up-and-coming executive on a mission to find the truth about the lives lost to the very technology that was mandated to protect them.

Exploring the controversial territory of toxic leadership and its long term consequences, Executive delivers an insightful analysis spiced with cutting-edge technology and science, in an exciting, masterful thriller.

About the author: Leslie Wolfe has a deep passion for technology, and it shows in this page turning suspense novel. Her enthusiastic observation of human behavior shows as conflict-ridden situations abound in this novel. Leslie Wolfe loves to interact with all types of people and have all kinds of debates, on technology trends, and almost anything else.

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Executive: A Novel
by Leslie Wolfe

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