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360 Education Solutions Announces the "Most Innovative Teachers"

An annual writing contest among teachers, organized by 360 Education Solutions, had an unusual twist in 2011. The winning writers don't actually win anything...the teacher they anonymously nominated gets the prize, a new iPad2.

360 Education Solutions Announces the "Most Innovative Teachers"
Chandler, AZ, December 08, 2011 --(PR.com)-- 360 Education Solutions Announces the Winners of Annual Writing Contest

The education advocate group chose three winners that truly represent what an innovative educator is.

Most of the news about education today is pretty negative, but there are a large number of educators who go above and beyond the call of duty in order to ensure that children receive the best education possible. 360 Education Solutions believes that Americans should recognize those teachers for all of their hard work and dedication for the profession. So, 360 Education Solutions started an annual writing contest in 2010 that allowed teachers and parents to nominate a teacher they feel is most deserving to receive recognition and win a prize. This year 360 Education Solutions was looking for an innovative educator who made learning fun for their students by using unorthodox ways. An abundant amount of submissions were collected before the deadline, which made the judging panel’s job a lot harder then expected. After much deliberation, 360 Education Solutions picked three winners for the 2011 Innovative Educator Challenge.

The winners of this challenge are Mr. Casey Veatch from Bennett High School in Bennett, CO, Ms. Annmarie Wright from Jenks High School in Jenks, OK and Myla Buckeye from Edgeley Public School in Edgeley, ND. Each of the winners were nominated by fellow colleagues for their passion and dedication they have for teaching, as well as their unique instructional methods that have really made a difference in their students’ lives. For instance, Mr. Veatch, a science teacher, has earned great respect and admiration among both students and fellow teachers for his unique teaching style and his work with his extra-curricular Science Olympiad program. He has also held many leadership positions within his school district including finding a solution to falling test scores and creating a new teacher induction program. Ms. Wright, a social studies teacher for over twenty years, has made WW2 an extremely popular elective course with her high school students. She has continuously made efforts for her students to help out war veterans whether it is by raising money for the veterans at the local home or sending care packages to soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Ms. Wright has also held various leadership and committee positions throughout her career, including the Curriculum Resource Teacher. And last but not least, Ms. Buckeye, a third grade teacher, has opened up the imagination and creativity of her students in order to help them have fun, while learning at the same time. There are always a variety of projects in her classroom such as turning her entire classroom into a jungle with plants and animals while her students are learning about the jungle, or creating a quilt that she will give to one lucky student as a gift when they graduate from high school. Ms. Buckeye has a real connection with all of her students and understands that all children learn on different levels, so she creates lesson plans that address all of those learning styles to ensure her students enjoy learning in her classroom.

360 Education Solutions would like to thank these educators, as well as all of the other educators who consistently go above and beyond to help children have a quality education. 360 Education Solution believes that exceptional teachers are not a rare occurrence, but can be found all over the country in every school and in every classroom. 360 Education Solutions would also like to thank the selfless writers who took the time to recognize the educator they thought was worthy of the “Innovative Educator” title.

For more information about 360 Education Solutions and to read the complete stories for all of the winners, please visit www.360-edu.com.

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