Mid America Foods Ministry Comes to Chicago

Chicago, IL, December 13, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Mid America Foods Ministry is pleased to announce that efforts have begun to provide affordable and nutritious food to families in northern Illinois. The company is contacting local churches and organizations to become outreach centers for its monthly discount grocery program. Mid America has already received rave reviews from over 220 churches in the eight states serviced since its 2010 debut, and has recently moved most manufacturing and packing operations to Chicago companies, fueling the local economy with new business and jobs.

Mid America founders Jeff Honea and John Gorra reported that Chicago is a perfect site to centralize operations and bring the area a long-overdue grocery relief program, one which they believe is a superior model for food ministry based on over 25 years’ experience in sourcing and delivering quality food products to non-profits, food banks and ministries.

“Mid America operates on the simple principle of offering higher quality items with more variety and better proteins at lower prices,” said Gorra, who orchestrates food suppliers, menus, packing and transportation.

Honea, who runs the Missouri home office, stated, “We are focused on getting it right, and that includes helpful and compassionate customer care. When you call, we talk to you -- our goal is to reach those in need and bridge the gap in every community with good food as well as the good word,” Honea added.

Mid America Foods, through strategic purchasing and distribution, provides a variety of high-quality food packages for under $30, which would normally fetch a retail price of at least twice as much. There are usually at least seven or eight menu selections that change monthly. For example, the Family Meal Box is designed to feed a family of four for a week with a variety of all-muscle meat proteins including beef, chicken, turkey, pork and fish, plus veggies and fruit. The monthly menus can be found at www.midamericafoods.com.

The frozen foods are not outdated, distressed, donated or damaged. The boxes feature the protein that many lack in their diets, and range in size and type to meet the needs of everyone. There are no applications or sign-up charges. If you eat, you qualify. The only requirement is that orders are placed during the specified period each month, usually a 2-3 week window, which is followed by delivery to the distribution site within a week of the order deadline.

All deliveries are made once a month on Friday or Saturday at the specified drop sites. The January member order deadline is Sunday, January 22, with delivery on January 27 or 28.

Once registered, orders and payment are made by the outreach center or individual online at www.midamericafoods.com, or by calling 1-855-832-7238 toll-free. Checks, cash or major credit cards are accepted. Efforts are underway to authorize payment by Link card in the near future. User-friendly administration tools, website and customer service support provide detailed guidelines to simplify program management. Training manuals are provided and sampling seminars can also be arranged.

For more information, please contact Mid America Foods’ local coordinator Mary Beth at 847-477-8701 or the home office at 855-832-7238.

Mid America Foods
Mary Beth Glynn
Home office toll free 1-855-832-7238