The Spencer Institute for Coach Training Offers Green Living Trends for 2012

With its ongoing focus on greener, cleaner living, The Spencer Institute recently offered its predictions for 2012 green living trends. The 2012 green trends focus on food, lifestyle and a greener economy.

The Spencer Institute for Coach Training Offers Green Living Trends for 2012
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, January 17, 2012 --( The color of 2012 is green, according to experts at the Spencer Institute: green living, green eating and a green economy. Laura Klein, author of the institute’s Green Living Coach certification program, recently offered her list of 2012 green living trends.

“First of all, being green is not just a trend, it is fast becoming part of our everyday life,” Klein said. “As many Americans continue to feel the pinch of the recession, rising health insurance rates, medical bills and taxes, more and more people continue to discover that living green is a simpler way of life that will save you money, improve your health, inspire you to consume less, rally you to do more with less and improve your overall lifestyle.”

Green living is a core value at The Spencer Institute, and Klein predicts the following top three green living trends for 2012:

As people become more educated on what real health and preventative living is, more of them will start or continue to prioritize a truly green and clean lifestyle, which includes food, air, products, commerce and industry.

More organic and healthy food choices will become available in 2012 as consumers demand more chemical and GMO-free foods as well as fewer processed, premade and packaged foods.

The global green economy will continue to grow as more individuals and corporations choose to invest their dollars and energy with socially responsible and environmentally conscious companies.

The Spencer Institute’s Green Living Coaching Program, which provides green trends as well as education on the fundamentals of green living, is a 100 percent online and self-paced certification program that can serve as a complement to wellness or life coaching, public health education, nursing and more. The program is available online at

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